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Using Homeopathic HCG? Want To Switch To Real hCG? Here's How!

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Using Homeopathic HCG Want To Switch To Real hCG?  Here's How!

Many people are discovering that homeopathic hCG drops not only contain alcohol which would kill anything useful in the product (alcohol kills germs and bacteria and is a drying agent) but they do not contain hCG!  So they are making the switch to real pharmaceutical hCG.

So how does one switch to real hCG drops?  It's easy if you follow the steps below:


If you have just started and discovered you are not on pharmaceutical hCG drops any days from 1-9:

1.  Stop the homeopathic drops NOW.  They contain no hCG. You will be losing muscle continuing on them.

2.  Order real hCG and have it shipped to you in a few days

3.  Increase your caloric intake to 800 using lean meats that are allowed on the hCG diet.

4.  When your hCG comes in, Day 1 on real hCG, immediately call your hCG diet coach and or take 1 hCG injection.  

5.  Day 2 you will take your hCG injection as well in a higher dosage to get the hCG into your system fast.

The purpose is to get the real hCG flowing into your system and start the fat releasing process that only real hCG provides.

6.  Day 3 start on your regular hCG dosage and reduce your calories back to the prescribed amount of your hCG diet plan.

7.  Finish the remaining days left for Phase 2.


IF you are past the 10th day and have just discovered you are not on pharmaceutical hCG:

1.  Stop the homeopathic drops NOW.

2.  Increase your calories and follow the hCG Diet Phase 3 food list

3.  Give yourself about 1-2 weeks to get yourself out of starvation mode and replenish any muscle and bone loss you may have experienced.

4.  Order the real hCG.

5.  When they arrive start at hCG Diet Phase 1, yes loading days, and move thru the phases of the hCG diet as indicated in the hCG diet guide Pounds and Inches.

Those that make the switch from homeopathic to real pharmaceutical hCG find they are not hungry, their weight loss is faster, they are not tired as their energy levels are up, they don't stall as readily, and most importantly, their weight loss has a visible difference! Because they are now losing real FAT!

I am on day 7 w/ homepathic, I just ordered hcg from your store (express delivery). Should arrive 12/5 HX: 48yr Female, prediabetic (gestational) at age 28, cut sugar and refined flours from diet, able to maintain acceptable BS&A1C for 17yrs, at 45yrs A1C 8.6, 1000mg Metformin, 5mcg Byeta injections per day, 1 yr ago sought alternative medicine, currently taking suppliments ie cinnamon, selenium, lutien, biotin, multi, etc. A1C currently 5.9, would like to lose the extra lbs, need to be careful. With that in mind, what is the best way to proceed?

We appreciate your question and order however we don't answer medical or health or medication questions.  We only answer questions related to the diet.  Sounds like you are doing well with managing your diabetes.  

Hi, I did a 40 day homeopathic diet I still managed to loose 24 pounds but yes, I stalled a lot very very frustrating...I am about to start my phase 3 on Dec. question is should I just finish this out & then start round 2 with u guys???

Yes, start your next round with Real hCG from us.  Make sure you wait 6 weeks before starting the next round to rebuild what you have lost.  Make sure also you follow the suggested foods for Phase 3.

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