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Using Homeopathic HCG? Want To Switch To Real hCG? Here's How!

real hcg drops

Using Homeopathic HCG Want To Switch To Real hCG?  Here's How!

Many people are discovering that homeopathic hCG drops not only contain alcohol which would kill anything useful in the product (alcohol kills germs and bacteria and is a drying agent) but they do not contain hCG!  So they are making the switch to real pharmaceutical hCG.

So how does one switch to real hCG drops?  It's easy if you follow the steps below:


If you have just started and discovered you are not on pharmaceutical hCG drops any days from 1-9:

1.  Stop the homeopathic drops NOW.  They contain no hCG. You will be losing muscle continuing on them.

2.  Order real hCG and have it shipped to you in a few days

3.  Increase your caloric intake to 800 using lean meats that are allowed on the hCG diet.

4.  When your hCG comes in, Day 1 on real hCG, immediately call your hCG diet coach and or take 1 hCG injection.  

5.  Day 2 you will take your hCG injection as well in a higher dosage to get the hCG into your system fast.

The purpose is to get the real hCG flowing into your system and start the fat releasing process that only real hCG provides.

6.  Day 3 start on your regular hCG dosage and reduce your calories back to the prescribed amount of your hCG diet plan.

7.  Finish the remaining days left for Phase 2.


IF you are past the 10th day and have just discovered you are not on pharmaceutical hCG:

1.  Stop the homeopathic drops NOW.

2.  Increase your calories and follow the hCG Diet Phase 3 food list

3.  Give yourself about 1-2 weeks to get yourself out of starvation mode and replenish any muscle and bone loss you may have experienced.

4.  Order the real hCG.

5.  When they arrive start at hCG Diet Phase 1, yes loading days, and move thru the phases of the hCG diet as indicated in the hCG diet guide Pounds and Inches.

Those that make the switch from homeopathic to real pharmaceutical hCG find they are not hungry, their weight loss is faster, they are not tired as their energy levels are up, they don't stall as readily, and most importantly, their weight loss has a visible difference! Because they are now losing real FAT!

Hello, I have recently ordered Homeopathic HCG. As I read all the post, it makes me think I did the wrong thing. I have two questions.....How can you all provide real HCG (pharmaceutical grade) and it be legal....FDA....ect..?? Also, where is the pharmacy located that makes the HCG? I thought I saw on a post, that it was overseas?? I know someone who goes to a Dr. for her HCG and has done great on the injections. There's not a Dr. where I live that perscribes the HCG..Thank you for your help.
The drops that i purchased are the HCG Platinum hormone free the ones with Carmen Electra on the bos and today is my day 2 Loading day. I am not sure what to do, it wounds as though I may have purchased and started the wrong drops. Should I stop completely and order these? I hate to do the loading days over again, I feel like crap.

Well you are on the right page for what to do.  Just go by the number of days you have been on them and follow those directions.  We are at about 2-4 day processing time for your order then shipping. 


Thank you for your super fast response. I ordered from you all today and did 2 day shipping. Excited to start with REAL hcg!!!
I ordered from hcg diet lab and have been hungry since Day 1 of the 500 cal days. I'm now on day 9. The first few days I started they were readily available for help but then one day they were gone. Just vanished. I am perplexed. They claimed to have sold Pharma grade hcg but now I'm guessing it was homeopathic since they were there one minute, gone the next.I don't know what to do: 1.Stop entirely, 2.finish their bottle(I ordered a 42 day round and not sure if I have enough to make it through a 26 day with this bottle I currently have) or 3.switch mid-round? I feel so stupid.

1st you should have not been hungry.  2nd they were gone because they were homeopathic and the FDA and FTC is shutting homeopathic down. IF you ever want to see if your drops are real, test them.  I would STOP as they are fake and the longer you stay on a 500 calorie diet without hCG you lose bone and muscle.  Move to Phase 3 to try and maintain what you have lost and wait for ours to come in as we only provide real hCG drops.  Anything less is a waste of money and over priced.

Don't feel stupid, just a life lesson and move on.  Don't beat yourself up, that is pointless and unproductive.  Follow the suggestions here and you will be much happier!

I have been doing the hcg diet for 8 days... I am pretty sure its the homeopathic kind.. as it didn't come with a test strip as most say should... as well I am hungry ALL the time!! I have not had 1 day that I wasn't hungry... in fact... I wake up in the middle of the night with hunger pains... I have lost 5 lbs... but I too think its more because of the 500 calorie diet and not the hcg drops... Can I stop these immediately without any lasting effects??

Stop those, order ours, go to Phase 3.  I doubt you have lost that much muslce.  Just don't over eat and avoid carb foods.  When these come do the loading days again and start fresh.

Hello, I have been on homeopathic hcg for about 17 days & I've lost 14 lbs so far. Maybe its just the diet, I don't know. I'm a recovering bulimic who gained weight no matter how healthy or what I ate. My metabolism was so messed up. Though I'm thankful to see the weight go down rather then up, I want to switch to the real hcg drops. The company I got the homeopathic from was just told by the FDA to stop selling. Anyway, Im concerned to order as I really don't know what I'm getting. I was going to order from a pharmacy online & mix myself but I find it confusing. Your drops do not need mixing, correct? How do I know they are safe & not diseased? It might be stupid but I want to be safe. I only have about 15 more lbs to lose. If I switch will I gain again while waiting to switch? Any advice on what to do?

We do sell real hCG premixed and you are getting hCG in the bottle.  It's the same thing with getting it from an overseas pharmacy as that is what we do.  The advice on how to switch is on this page.

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