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Oral hCG Diet & Drops

Through the hCG diet, thousands of dieters have successfully achieved their ideal weight and figure faster than with most dieting programs - and it's safe too.

The original hCG diet involves injecting yourself with a dose of hCG every day. But nowadays, oral hCG diet drops are preferred because people do not want to experience any form of pain. In addition, many are afraid of needles, and the risks involved when using them. Avoiding risks is a major consideration when choosing an oral hCG diet plan.

Oral hCG Diet Troche/Pills or Pellets

At hCG Diet Journey, we assure you that you will only get authentic oral hCG pills, drops or injections from us. Some oral hCG offered in the market contain other ingredients, fall below the recommended dosage in the hCG Diet Protocol, or don't contain the real hCG hormone at all. Here's what sets our oral hCG troche apart from what other sites are selling:

  • Non-homeopathic - does not mimic properties of hCG like homeopathic hCG drops
  • No alcohol content - lower grade and homeopathic drops contain alcohol which makes hCG ineffective
  • Contains 175 iu of real hCG per dosage - ideal dosage according to Kevin Trudeau of "The Weight Loss Cure"

hCG at a Glance

The hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) protein is the key ingredient to this revolutionary diet program. hCG is a hormone produced by a woman during her pregnancy and it promotes healthy fat metabolism. hCG is recognized as an effective dieting aid because it fixes metabolic issues that ultimately cause weight gain.

What's more, hCG targets stored fat like flab stuck in the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This is what sets hCG diet apart from other dieting plans. The oral hCG diet taps your reserve fat to provide the body with energy when your caloric intake is too low.

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You Can Buy Authentic hCG in Drops, Pill or Injections

No Need to Test as you get the your hCG filled at the pharmacy

Real hCG in proper dosage will release abnormal fat

Real hCG prevents hunger

Real hCG prevents muscle wasting & bone loss 


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