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Weight Loss Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

The hCG diet has long been known to be effective in helping dieters lose weight fast and recent studies have shown that the diet plan also works to lower blood pressure.

The American Heart Association reports that 33% of American adults have high blood pressure.

Weight gain and obesity are known to be the biggest contributors to high blood pressure and also pose a higher risk for a number of degenerative diseases. Despite the guidance of physicians, most still have trouble following a healthy diet plan. Most just need a little help to develop and stick to a diet plan.

Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plan is created and managed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and weight loss coaches. Our diet plans are intended to help clients achieve ketosis, the optimal fat burning metabolic state.

Our Medical Director Dr. Rao reminds us that “the goal of our weight loss diet plan is to have the body produce ketones which are compounds that the body can use to produce energy, a contrast to the average body that uses glucose from simple carbohydrates like breads and pastas for energy.”

In order to reach ketosis, there must be a lack of glucose in the bloodstream, so instead of using simple sugars for energy, the boy turns to stored fats. Switching the body from being a carb-burning machine into a fat-burning machine leads to weight loss and even lower blood pressure.

We use pharmaceutical grade, prescription hCG fortified with vitamin B-12 for metabolic invigoration; offering prescription hCG treatments in three forms: injections, pills and drops, each patient has the freedom to choose how they would like to administer the hormone.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone, produced in the placenta during pregnancy; prescription hCG allows the body to feed the embryo without depleting muscle or important structural fat stores. Prescription hCG is thus a great product to initiate fast weight loss while retaining muscle mass.

We want to help anyone get on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle, so we make our medical weight loss program affordable for almost anyone.

Describing the Diet Doc passion for weight loss, Diet Doc CEO Julie Wright adds "our mission is more just than getting people to lose weight and lower blood pressure; we truly work to make a life-long change in people so they can live a long and healthy life."



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