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hCG for Better Weight Loss than with Safflower Products

Montel Williams recently appeared on the Dr. Oz television show claiming that safflower supplements enabled him to lose 2 inches around his waist that he was unable to remove with exercise and diet alone.

Later in the same episode, Montel revealed the flaw in safflower, once he discontinued use, the inches came back.

Diet Doc CEO Julie Wright warns that those looking to lose an extreme amount of weight, like so many of the obese population in America “have to be careful not to get caught up in fad diets.” It's important to consider products for weight loss that don't put you into a common "yo-yo" cycle, where you're just losing and gaining weight perpetually.

Most often, weight regained is in larger amounts with fad diets.

Now consider a prescription hCG diet from Diet Doc. When you lose weight with hCG, it is not water weight, not muscle weight, it is fat from the most stubborn stores on your body. SO when you lose weight with the hCG diet, it leaves and does not return unless you begin the same bad habits as before the diet.

The hCG diet and Diet Doc’s custom diet plan is a healthy and permanent weight loss solution that offers more effective weight loss and a relief from yo-yo type fad diets with clever celebrity endorsements.

Safflower is a thistle-like flower that is cultivated for use in cooking oil and food flavoring, often used as a cheaper replacement for saffron. The beneficial substance found in safflower products is called linoleic acid, which in essence tricks the body into releasing some of its fat stores, particularly around the midsection.

The University of Ohio has conducted studies on safflower products, finding that it did decrease overall body fat in 16 week trials.

Researchers at Ohio State noted however that safflower oil supplementation showed no effect on total body fat readings, but reduced the weight of trunk fat tissue by between 2.6 pounds and 4.2 pounds in 16 weeks, which seems like an insignificant loss of weight.

For weight loss that is fast and permanent, Diet Doc offers 3 easy options for using prescription hCG, tablets, injections, and drops. By our data, weight loss with prescription hCG is 33 times greater then with safflower products. A combination of hCG and a Diet Doc-tailored low-calorie diet for a short period of time (at least three to six weeks) has been proven to be the most effective weight loss process.

In fact, our clients lose on average, 1 pound per day.

The hCG diet and Diet Doc designed a physician managed weight loss plan which utilizes the best kept secret in weight loss, hCG. Pharmaceutical grade hCG has little to no side effects and is easily administered.

hCG also has an effect on midsection fat, only at much greater rates than safflower. hCG signals the hypothalamus to trigger fat cells to release their stores.

When coupled with a 900-1200 calorie diet, specifically designed with the patient’s health factors in mind, hCG will help patients shed over a pound per day of the most stubborn body fat.

But perhaps the greatest benefit from our prescription hCG diet is where you lose fat. hCG releases fat form the most abundant areas in the body. What patients do lose is fat in those trouble areas--hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.



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