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Fast Weight Loss with hCG Tablets.

Frequent injections can be unsettling for many people. Actually, John Hamilton pointed out in the Journal of Family Practice that 10% of Americans actually have a diagnosable phobia of needles.

For this population, and the majority or others who simply find injections irritating, hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans introduces equally effective sublingual hCG tablets.

But don't confuse the sublingual hCG tablets from Diet Doc with over-the-counter hCG tablets. Diet Doc's hCG tablets are pure, prescription hCG while over-the-counter hCG pills contain almost no measurable hCG at all.

hCG sublingual tablets offer the same fast weight loss as the traditional injection based hCG diet, but offer additional benefits for those on the go as well.

Some clients express a need for prescription hCG that doesn't require constant refrigeration. Because this hCG diet is in the form of a dry hCG pill, it eliminates the need to refrigerate, making hCG pills more convenient for frequent travelers or those without the means to refrigerate while at work.

Our prescription hCG tablets are just as safe and effective as our hCG injections, but simply offer more options to fit into our clients' busy lifestyle. No more transporting needles everywhere, and no more uncomfortable injections.

hCG drops, while very effective also, will degrade after 30 days, more rapidly without proper refrigeration.Our prescription hCG pills will last 60-90 days without refrigeration, more than long enough to complete an hCG weight loss cycle on your own timeframe.

For many people, administering hCG sublingual drops is difficult. Most find it nearly impossible to count hCG drops as they drip underneath the tongue. Many people find it difficult to administer hCG drops themselves, finding it har to count drops as they fall under the tongue.

hCG tablets offer patients a simple solution. hCG sublingual tablets from hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss contain an accurate prescription dosage of hCG in one convenient tablet placed under the tongue, where an abundance of capillaries transport the hCG into the bloodstream.

So the new hCG pills eliminate the need to stand in front of a mirror to count drops, have someone else administer drops of injections, or costly miscalculations causing you to use too much of your hCG drops.

More simply, our prescription hCG tablets offer a lack of excuses not to try losing weight on an hCG diet.

Diet Doc now offers hCG tablets, scientifically proven to signal the hypothalamus to increase the body’s metabolism and produce fast weight loss safely and effectively without injections. Our hCG tablets will allow patients to conserve muscle mass while losing stubborn body fat on the hCG diet.

Patients who choose the hCG pill over traditional injections will still receive the same personalized service that has made Diet Doc the number one hCG diet provider.

CEO of hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss, Julie Wright reminds clients that Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss conducted a survey of the larger hCG doctor clinics across the USA and found that the Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss is lower in price, yet offers more services and products in an all-inclusive program that is capable of shaving an average of 30 pounds per month.

Diet Doc offers an hCG diet that has been developed by leading weight loss doctors and promotes weight loss at an average of a pound-per-day, or 30 pounds per month.

What is offered is a medically supervised, proven weight loss plan that generates rapid and healthy weight loss without the common side effects of dieting like muscle loss, perpetual hunger, fatigue, or malnourishment.

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