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Artificial Sweeteners can Make You Gain Weight

The American Heart Association recently released a study declaring the detriment of consuming sugar. The AMA and ADA suggests that consumers should replace natural sugar with artificial sweeteners.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans suggests that consumers, particularly those on a weight loss diet should actually avoid artificial sweeteners, as they will slow down weight loss.

WebMD actually confirms this phenomenon, offering that "For example, drinking a diet soft drink rather than a sugary one at lunch may reduce the calorie count of the meal, but it may trick the body into thinking that other sweet items don't have as many calories either."

Some people think that this inability of the body to determine the calories in foods is contributing greatly to obesity in America.

CEO of Diet Doc hCG Diet's, Julie Wright asserts that "We know that artificial sweeteners slow down weight loss by as much as half. This is because the liver works as one of the largest fat burning organs in the body and when it's busy processing artificial sweeteners, it loses a natural ability to lose weight fast."

The Diet Doc hCG diet utilizes stevia to sweeten many of their recipes to counteract a clients cravings for sweets, but reminds dieters that if a plateau is reached or weight is no longer being lost fast enough, use of stevia may have to be discontinued.

Diet Doc designs a diet individual for each client with special consideration of certain health and weight loss factors in mind. Once all of these factors are established, Diet Doc then pairs prescription hCG to initiate fast weight loss.

As these two elements are paired together, our clients begin to immediately notice fast weight loss, an average of a pound per day. If this fast weight loss begins to taper, Diet Doc will reevaluate the client and make any necessary changes, including disallowing natural or artificial sweeteners.

We conjoin a bunch of individually successful diets into one master weight loss diet for each client. These diets consist of diets like the Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, low glucemic diet, low carb diet, and many other that on their own have already been established to provide weight loss. Couple these diets with prescription hCG and Diet Doc proves to be the best weight loss available. We guarantee it.

By conjoining a customized weight loss diet with prescription hCG, clients experience fast weight loss with little chance to plateau. So for any dieters reading that may have hit a plateau in past or current diets, we sincerely encourage you to keep trying, and try our prescription hCG diet.

Diet Doc is the only diet provider that guarantees their product, and guarantees fast weight loss.



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