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hCG Diet Reveals Secrets to Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans has helped thousands of dieters lose weight fast with their medical weight loss plans. We personalize our weight loss programs for each person to ensure success for everyone. The weight loss experts at Diet Doc have finally revealed what the keys to fast weight loss success are.

Dr. Nishant Rao Medical Director for Diet Doc reveals that there are three key elements that make our hCG diet plan so successful: pharmaceutical doses of hCG, fiber-rich foods and fat-burning weight loss oil.

Along with prescription hCG treatments, the diet foods available for Diet Doc's hCG diet plan vary based on each person’s weight loss goals, and can consist of additional vitamins and supplements to aid fast weight loss. The secret to our weight loss success is our tailor made diet that is physician monitored and medically superior.

hCG or, human chorionic gonadotropin as it is more formally known, is a hormone that is produced by the developing placenta during pregnancy. The original hCG diet was discovered by Dr. A. Simeons in 1954 who began experimenting with hCG after noticing its effects on weight loss in subjects.

Simeons also made a connection between hCG and appetite suppression, resulting in making it a necessary component to his weight loss program. Simeons understood that patients experienced less hunger while receiving hCG injections, and thus combined prescription hCG with a low calorie diet for fast weight loss.

Diet Doc has since updated the Simeon’s protocol and formulated their own pharmaceutical dose of pure prescription hCG enhanced with vitamin b12 for added energy. We've made the hCG diet easier to follow and safer for more people. There are almost no reported side effects from our clients.

Diet Doc creates complex diet plans that are simple to follow and advance any person’s weight loss goals. We use a personalized ketogenic diet that triggers the release of fat stores in the body.

Since the hCG diet is low in simple carbohydrates and is low-glycemic, the body is forced to use stored fat as a primary source of energy. Our dieters are encouraged to eat lean protein with extra servings of high fiber fruits and vegetables while on the hCG diet.

This combination is found to create a well-balanced level of energy due to the fibrous and alkalizing nature of both food groups. We will create a personalized diet including all of the above elements in order to make dieting easy for you. All you have to do is follow directions and eat the right foods that have been outlined for you during your prescription hCG diet. We will do the rest to produce fast weight loss.

Diet Doc weight loss oil, also known as medium chain trigylceride (MCT) oil, also plays a key role in the hCG diet plan.

Our MCT oil is not coconut oil. It is derived from coconut oil but refined into an oil that actually promotes weight loss!

Known to insiders as a healthier alternative to other sources of fat like butter and olive oil, MCT oil works to boost the metabolism as it is more easily absorbed by the body. In addition to weight loss benefits, Diet Docs MCT oil provides numerous health benefits like fighting off virus and bacteria.

Diet Doc’s integrative team of weight loss experts ensures the success of hCG weight loss programs by monitoring each dieter with consistent communication. We offer unlimited support to our clients on our prescription hCG diet, with detailed instructions outlining how the hCG diet works, and how to lose weight fast on our hCG diet.

Founder and CEO for Diet Doc, Julie Wright adds that “the real secret to achieving fast weight loss for any diet plan is having the right support system and we definitely provide that for all of our patients. We are passionate about what we do and I think it shows, creating a trustworthy support system for our patients.”


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