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Weight Loss Shakes to Aid Your hCG Diet

Diet Doc Weight Loss Shakes are made from a proprietary blend of necessary proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Each of our weight loss shakes have been specifically formulated to allow optimum cohesion with our prescription hCG diet. Our goal is to best enhance the fast weight loss provided by our prescription hCG diet.

 Because uneven or fluctuating blood sugar is a major reason why dieters experience slow weight loss, Diet Doc's shakes are formulated to minimize blood sugar variance and keep dieters feeling full and satisfied while on an hCG diet plan.

Diets can become quite arduous, so it's important that you treat yourself occasionally.

The Mayo Clinic advises that dieters should "Strive for variety to help [them] achieve [their] goals without giving up taste or nutrition." Our dieters can remain within the daily caloric allowance for our hCG diet but also treat themselves to a well deserved, delicious weight loss shake.

The Diet Doc shake is a powdered supplement that works extremely well with our hCG protocol. The balance of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients allows us to keep our patients on our weight loss protocol for months at a time without having to worry about malnutrition, reports Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans.

To maintain healthy ketosis, the metabolic state achieved during phase I of our hCG diet, these weight loss shakes have been made low in carbohydrates and work extremely well with our hCG diet protocol.

hCG Diet / Diet Doc and Weight Loss Program customizes each diet for every patient during what is called a physician nutritional consultation.

And for those outside of our service area, we make these diet consultations available via the Telehealth system, enabling us to consult with any client regardless of location.

Among many other things, patients will receive 30 days worth of Diet Doc's proprietary weight loss shakes which adhere to 4 highly effective diets rolled into a master, personalized diet. Patients on Diet Doc's hCG diet report losing an average of 1 pound per day.

The Mayo Clinic bolsters our opinion that diets shouldn't be boring. They recommend that "Well-planned, healthy snacks can complement your weight-loss plan"

Diet Doc's shakes are a healthy snack that keeps dieters interested in weight loss and reinvigorate the desire to continue losing weight.

Each serving does have the necessary carb in it to ensure the best nutritional health, and avoid symptoms like fainting, dizziness, and other side effects of a carb-free diet. The effect of the carbohydrate is mediated by the high protein content of the shake.

This allows dieters to maintain a healthy state of ketosis, the optimum metabolic state for fast weight loss, and triggers the body to burn stubborn fat. The Diet Doc shake further provides micro-nutrients which are typically lost during weight loss.

Nutrition science tells us that the extra nutrients provided by our weight loss shakes make fast weight loss considerably easier while ensuring that our clients will not go malnourished, or discontinue the hCG diet because they got bored.

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