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Prescription hCG Diets Weight Loss Program in 23 Days

Diet Doc has created a weight loss plan that has dieters dropping unwanted pounds in less than one month with a modified version of the time-tested hCG diet.

The original hCG diet was created in 1954, and has proven to be great for fast weight loss.

However, since the diet has been in the spotlight in recent years, it has been slammed by critics as having a dangerously low caloric intake.

But Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans had completely renovated the original hCG diet to include more nutritious food, higher quality prescription hCG, and much needed increased caloric allowance (up to 1250).

Founder and CEO of Diet Doc Julie Wright says “we’ve taken the healthy advantages of the original hCG protocol and made it easier by using a personalized ketogenic diet plan that allows for a healthy amount of calories a day. All dieters on our program are also monitored throughout the program to ensure its effectiveness as well as safety.”

Diet Doc's 23 day weight loss plan combines the prescription hCG diet with a customized nutrition plan for maximum weight loss. The hCG comes in three forms: injections, drops or pills, all of which are pharmaceutical-grade and require a prescription from their on-site physician. The most popular among these three delivery methods is injections for the fast weight loss they provide and precise dosage.

Other dieters prefer the hCG drops or pills which also come in a high dose but aren’t as easily absorbed into the body as injections, which go directly into the bloodstream. Regardless of the dosing method however, prescription hCG plays a vital role in the weight loss process. hCG curbs appetite and retains muscle mass while on a low calorie diet.

Dieters also claim that the treatments suppress the appetite even enhance their mood according to Wright.

Diet Doc Weight Loss combines a customized ketogenic diet designed to produce fast weight loss with a healthy balance of essential nutrients found in foods like green leafy veggies, fibrous fruits, and lean meat.

The 23-day weight loss program aims to transform not only the body but also eating habits in a short amount of time.

With a restriction on brads and starchy foods, dieters see dramatic weight loss within the first week.

Wright says our dieters make life-long dietary changes after we require them to cut out these unnecessary food groups and replace them with the essential ones. They really see a big difference in how they look and feel and don’t want to go back to their old eating habits.

To serve nearly anyone, we offer our prescription hCG diet nationwide with the employment of the Telehealth system, video and phone conferencing.

 In person consultations are no longer required for weight loss consultation and are even found to save most people time and money.

Diet Doc’s Medical Director Dr. Rao says “since we’ve started doing consultations over the phone or Skype, our dieters seem to be more inclined to stick to the diet plan because they hold more accountability than if they were to come into the clinic weekly.” The telehealth program has the same format as the clinic program with weekly progress follow-up calls as well as full access to the Diet Doc medical staff.


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