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Fast Weight Loss with Prescription Raspberry Ketones

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans announced their unique prescription weight loss pills containing Raspberry ketones for fast weight loss.

Raspberry ketone is a dietary supplement that contains compounds from red raspberries. These enzymes effect the body, but are not to be confused with ketones utilized in brain function, Raspberry ketones are for weight loss and appetite control.

Raspberry ketones increase the levels of norepinephrine, a hormone which increases the breakdown of triglycerides (stored fat) into free fatty acids, which are used to make ketones while on the diet. Raspberry Ketones are also understood to produce adiponectin, a bodily substance that helos to level blood sugar and improve insulin resistance.

Secreted by the fat cells in the body, this hormone can help address one of the major challenges for people with pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and type II diabetics. 

At Diet Doc, we have found that 2-4 prescription Raspberry keytone pills per day aids in fast weight loss. Each pill contains 100 mg of Raspberry ketones, 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 that increases fat metabolism, and 100 mg of L-Carnitine that enhances the efficient of fat transport out of the fat cells more efficiently.

Our Raspberry ketone weight loss pills promote the metabolic state of ketosis wherein the body is most efficiently burning excess body fat and fast weight loss is produced. hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans recommends combining these prescription weight loss pills with MCT oil to help dieters achieve a metabolic balance much more easily.

With the addition of our new weight loss pills, including prescription Raspberry ketones, we have bolstered an already impressive arsenal of weight loss weapons, guaranteed to prodice fast weight loss and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

When combined with our sophisticated doctor designed and physician managed weight loss program, patients lose up to a pound a day. These prescription weight loss pills produce the required results as they contain ample amounts of this potent Raspberry ketone.

At Diet Doc, we design and tailor our diets around the client, taking into account factors like age, gender, weight loss goals, and health. Next we prescribe the appropriate diet aids for fast weight loss.

97% of patient who participate in the program not only shed those excess pounds but also keep it off long term.

We have a great track record of providing fast weight loss and offering a host of great products like prescription Raspberry ketone, MCT oils, other prescription diet pills and various foods, certain to give you the fast weight loss you're looking for.

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