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hCG Diet from Diet Doc Helping Diabetes Patients Lose Weight Safely.

Diet Doc shows patients with type 2 diabetes how to achieve healthy weight loss with a medically-supervised hCG diet plan.

Diet Doc has helped thousands of patient's achieve their healthy weight loss goals, but lately we've noticed an increase in the amount of clients dealing with type 2 dibetes who need to lose weight for health benefits.

The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2011 over 25 million people were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes naming poor diet and lifestyle as the main culprits.

Diet Doc’s Medical Director Dr. Rao says "for the most part it (type 2 diabetes) can definitely be prevented with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. But with a seemingly ever-increasing number of obese Americans comes the increase in the disease as well.”

Diet Doc creates personalized weight loss programs for dieters using the hCG diet plan. Each client is initially evaluated by a team of medical weight loss professionals to assess overall health and weight loss goals before beginning the hCG diet.

If the dieter is found to have any health conditions, Diet Doc’s nutritionist will design a weight loss diet plan that is suitable. For clients who have type 2 diabetes, our go to diet plan is usually a low glycemic, low carbohydrate diet with an emphasis on foods rich in nutrients like green leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits, and lean protein.

 “The diabetes diet plan we’ve created is made to be a simple transition into healthy eating by using healthy substitutions for unhealthy foods that people are used to eating every day. For example, we’ve replaced high-carb and high-sugar desserts with our own dessert bars that are low-glycemic, high protein with added nutrients,” says Julie Wright Diet Doc’s Founder and CEO.

Diet Doc and utilizes face to face video chatting programs like Skype to provide hCG diet plan consultations conveniently, especially for those outside of the serving area.

 After a complete evaluation by a medical doctor, the dieter is then made a customized diet plan that compliments the personalized medical hCG treatment plan that is prescribed with a nutritionist and nurse that explains the program step-by-step.

We follow up with weekly calls to monitor progress. Any questions or concerns along the way can also be addressed at any time with the entire medical staff at Diet Doc available to contact.

“We at Diet Doc are passionate about the role we play in changing and in some cases saving someone’s life. We understand the trials and tribulations that one can experience during a lifestyle transformation and we work hard to inspire people to get to a healthy place,” says Wright. 


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