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New hCG Diet App for the Ipad and the Iphone

We've now got an app for the Ipad and the Iphone.

Our hCG diet has been proven over and over again to produce fast weight loss, averaging a pound per day. With this Iphone app, we're able to help thousands of patients achieve their target weight loss by ensuring that they have all the resources that enable patients to keep the weight off permanently. This new app includes the newest technology developed to make our customized hCG diet more attainable for everyone interested, and bolster the resolve and excitement of current clients.

With technology becoming an inseparable part of everyone’s lives, there are a number of simple, intuitive, and user friendly apps that are available for everything.

Our new Iphone app will make the hCG diet more accessible to those who are considering it, or already utilizing the hCG diet.

Technological advancements in health care have made reliable and trustworthy medical treatment easily accessible to users across the globe. Diet Doc and is able to harness the experience and expertise of our in-house physicians in a handy app for the Iphone and Ipad to assist everyone on their hCG weight loss journey.

This technology is referred to commonly as Telemedicine. Telemedicine is an amazing new way to bring health care and for us specifically, the hCG diet to rural areas that may not have access to the hCG diet or any health care for that matter.

The use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance is integral to the weight loss program created by and Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans. We have just added another tool to our box of services, offering clinical consultation via our websites, Telethealth, and now out new Iphone app.

With this extensive range of technology we can better ensure that there is a solid support system in place for each and every patient who signs up for our hCG weight loss diet irrespective of their technology skills.

This new app is designed to accompany you from the beginning of your hCG diet and weight loss journey all the way to achieving your target weight loss goal. It will aid in planning your meals and decide portion sizes among other features.

Give it a shot for yourself and you'll see that this app has a multitude of amazing features. 

You can save your diet journal and any progress photos in one convenient place on your Iphone or Ipad, you can set up alerts that will remind you to do things like drink water, eat lunch, and enjoy a well deserved healthy snack while on the hCG diet.

The app is further jam packed with tons of great features such as weight or measurement adjustments, result displays, and a database with over 5000 food items to select from, demo and help videos, health tips, and many more.

You can use it daily to evaluate your progress on our hCG diet, and let it lead you to a healthier lifestyle.



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