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hCG Diet less Demanding than P90X

P90X is becoming exceedingly popular with recent commercials and celebrity endorsements. reports that "[Tony] Horton… has persuaded 3 million people to pay $140 for his 12-DVD program by promising three months of pain and perspiration in a routine that combines resistance training, yoga, boxing, weight lifting, and a strict diet."

Yet, aside from the perhaps too-inspiring late night infomercials, little is known among the pblic about the P90X system, aside from it seeming very physically demanding. The intensity associated with the P90X system innately limits the market that can take advantage of its fast weight loss properties. So we ask; what if extreme exercise is not an option?

As its instruction manual states, P90x is not for a lot of people, including the 34% of Americans who are obese, many hindered by limited mobility and low fitness levels. Paul Ryan we once a physical trainer, so he finds P90X quite easy I'm sure. But many people do not have such a physically fit background. For these people, mobility problems, fitness levels, age, and time constraints hinder their ability to lose weight fast on the P90X system.

P90X's manual reminds users that "Before starting an extreme fitness program like P90X, it's important to know where you stand and if your current fitness level is adequate.

We also feel that it is important to be realistic about health when considering weight loss goals. The hCG diet will produce fast weight loss, for any fitness level, without the grueling exercise.

The P90X manual goes on to recommend that "Providing an honest assessment of your abilities and your mindset will allow you to take advantage of your strengths and overcome your weaknesses."

So for those many Americans who need to lose weight fast in order to prevent weight related health risks, the hCG diet will help you lose weight fast regardless of fitness levels, time constraints, or any limited mobility.  

Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans recently surveyed over 30,000 people and found the hCG weight loss diet effective for 97% of clients, and promoted fast weight loss averaging around 1 pound-per-day. Obesity, or even just being overweight causes many health and mobility constraints for people.

In response to this hindrance, Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc explains that Diet Doc manages people who are athletes, moderate exercisers or even just sedentary.

Originally developed by an Endocrinologist, the hCG diet has over 50 years of fast weight loss proof. hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss has revamped and revolutionized this 50 year old program to allow for higher caloric intake (900-1200) and has built a physician designed, customized diet  that aids clients in losing an average of 1 pound-per-day.

Wright adds "Diet Doc can help every person lose weight fast, guaranteed."

Instead of making a fast weight loss diet that is too grueling for most of the population; Diet Doc created a weight loss diet that can be used by anyone.

The hCG diet produces fast weight loss even when heavy exercise if off the table. It won't take excessive time from your life, and it will begin the process of better overall health, and maybe eventually allow those with initial health constraints finally capable of participating in exercises like the P90X system. When patients do choose to engage in mild exercise, weight loss is accelerated with no adverse affects to health.

The original 500 calorie Simeons hCG diet did not allow exercise, but Diet Doc has improved on nutrition and now utilizes a high protein low-carb ketogenic diet similar to those used by athletes. Patients don't feel hungry, so they don't get discouraged and stop dieting. Intense workouts like the P90X system often lead dieters to quit before any real progress is made. So it is truly great advice provided by the P90X manual to seriously evaluate overall health before beginning.

However, with a customized diet from Diet Doc Weight Loss, there is no hard work to grow weary of, no hour long workouts to make time for, and Diet Doc guarantees fast weight loss, even for those who can't participate in tough exercise.


I've tried P90X and I find it more comfortable in hCG diet. If we find it hard, how much more those athletes out there who needs a physically fit body for long endurance on games. I've been making a research about this and needs more information about it especially for the upcoming marquez vs pacquiao 4.
@Selena Murphy, Contact us at Diet Doc at 877-424-2912 so we can discuss how we can personalize the hcg protocol for you
I agree that p90x is not for everyone, but anyone could do it. It kind of boils down to how bad do you really want the best body ever. Personally I love p90x and insanity because it help me to lose hip fat

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