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New Weight Loss Recipes in hCG Diet Cookbook

New addition of no-guilt weight loss recipes deliver full flavor without compromising diet plan

Diet Doc Weight Loss just added a number of easily prepared weight loss recipes to our already fabulous hCG diet cookbook.

The new recipes offered give dieters more choices to create simple, healthy, low-calorie meals every day.

CEO and Founder of Diet Doc, Julie Wright says our nutritionists have been creating and testing weight loss recipes that are not only delicious but simple to make yet still compatible with our hCG diet plan.

Low-fat versions of classic recipes like cabbage rolls, beef stew and shrimp scampi  as well as more exotic recipes like ceviche, jambalaya and curried shrimp were added to the revised hCG diet cookbook.

Our weight loss recipes are not only great tasting, they are in strict accordance with our hCG diet, and each is low-glycemic, low carb, and packed with essential nutrients.

Using a heart-healthy alternative for fat, the recipes use MCT oil, derived from the coconut, in dressings, entrees and desserts. MCT oil has been found to have a lot of added health benefits. It is easier for your body to burn than other fatty acids like butter or olive oil, and MCT oil is also not as easily stored as fat in the body.

Stevia, a natural sweetener with no calories, is also used as a healthy replacement for sugar giving the cookbook a varietal dessert section.

With over 100 weight loss recipes, we provide our diet cookbook for free with your hCG diet program.

Ranging from 23 to 60 days, the programs are designed to fit any weight loss goals.

Our dieters on the hCG diet typically report weight loss averaging 14 pounds within the first 2 weeks.

Free weight loss recipes for the Diet Doc hCG diet can also be found on

We are a nation-wide weight loss clinic offering the hCG diet vie the Telehealth system to anyone who needs it. We create customized diet plans to tailor our hCG diet to each patient.

Using an integrative team of medical professionals that specialize in diet and weight loss, Diet Doc is considered the leader in medical weight loss, offering affordable diet plans and weight loss products.

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