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Diet Doc hCG Diet has added a new comprehensive section to their website to help people get answers to the questions they have when learning or searching for the best hCG diet available.

There is no shortage of information available online about the hCG diet, but where can one go to receive reliable information? It seems that whatever is top search on Google is the basis for every other resource that follows. The hCG diet and hCG weight loss protocol is an obvious example. This trend is ever growing. Just within the past few years the hCG diet has garnered a lot of attention, thus experiencing an astounding growth of online presence.

While there are legitimate hCG weight loss clinics, the vast majority of the information on hCG and the hCG diet offered online are designed to confuse and make profit from an unknowing public. In an attempt to present factual, honest knowledge about the hCG diet, we have updated our website to clarify many new questions that have arisen over the last few years.

First, the original hCG diet was developed several decades ago by a Dr Simeons and he used an extremely restricted 500 calorie per day diet. We have found, with advancement in nutrition that consuming so few calories is dangerous, thus we offer up to 1250 calories daily. From what we have learned about diet and nutrition since the 1950’s, there is absolutely nothing about losing weight on hCG that requires patients to consume so few calories. We have designed diets that pair perfectly with the hCG diet and provide fast weight loss.

While this fact is true, 99% of the websites, blogs, videos, and other online chatter about hCG promote the 500 calorie diet.

There is likewise no shortage of online "authorities" making unfounded and plain wrong assertions on the hCG diet. They claim that patients are losing 2 pounds of fat per day. The hCG diet is not a permanent cure for obesity, but it is the most effective weight loss diet available. Surgery produces similar weight loss, we do it without invasive procedures.

Third, it is not true that all hCG is created equally. Many "news" sources group homeopathic hCG with prescription hCG, which is an enormous misstep. While there are some legitimate prescription strength tablets being produced by pharmacies, homeopathic hCG drops are never prescription strength. Unfortunately, the majority of hCG sold directly online is not real hCG, or contains no hCG at all. This is because in order to get real hCG, a prescription is required. If there is no prescription required, it is either fake or illegal hCG.

There are also claims that there is special hCG weight loss for women and special hCG weight loss for men. This is again, false. There is no difference in the formulation of hCG in regard to the sex of the patient. Prescription hCG is the same formulation for men and women, anyone who says different is falsifying facts, and are not a medical professional. The only variance with the hCG diet is dosage.

Lastly, most websites claim that hCG is a permanent reset for metabolism. This is also a false claim.

Any method one chooses to utilize to lose weight, whether it is diet or exercise or lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery, once the weight is off long term strategies must be implemented to keep the weight off and stay healthy. Most online hCG providers to not offer long term weight loss management. In order to keep the weight off, you will need a long term maintenance program.

Diet Doc physicians are highly trained experts in the weight loss field and are the only doctors in America utilizing a modern-day hCG prescription diet . We have collectively seen thousands of clients, each with their own success story. We provide individualized diet plans for each client, based on health, concerns, and goals. This has been proven to provide fast weight loss.

Diet Doc's diet is much more tolerant of calories than any other program out there. Diet Doc developed an effective maintenance program to keep the weight off long term. Diet Doc offers its hCG diet nationwide.

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