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Low Glycemic, Gluten Free Diet Foods

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss Plans integrated low glycemic gluten free foods as part of their personalized doctor designed weight loss diet.

We have included a new line of low glycemic, and gluten free foods into our already great hCG diet.

Our low glycemic that contain as little as 20 calories per serving are now an integral part of their weight loss diet that is doctor designed and medically supervised.

Our in-house physicians and nutritionist created this new line of low glycemic and gluten free foods to offer our clients a wider variety of nutritious and convenient diet foods to compliment our hCG diet.

Our hCG diet allows for 800-1200 calories daily to promote safe and fast weight loss. So the addition of this new line of tasty, nourishing, and healthy gluten free foods offers plenty of variety while making it easier for dieters to stick with it.  

In addition to our new low glycemic, gluten free foods, we offer a free diet cookbook that will help you to remain satiated with high protein, low carb foods, but continue to lose the desired weight.

These diet recipes that are extremely simple and easy to follow also enable dieters to maintain the perfect work-life balance, which makes following the weight loss diet hassle-free even with the busiest of work schedules or a never-ending list of chores at home.

The new line of low glycemic gluten free foods also includes the addition of healthy fats in the diet such as MCT oil that is derived from coconuts.

Compared to other types of fats, healthy fats like these are easily digested and metabolized.

Some of our diet foods include healthy snacks. Emotional eating, unhealthy snacking, and any other detour from a healthy weight loss diet is addressed with our savory and sweet dessert cakes like healthy carrot cake, chocolate banana flavored dessert bars, and many other healthy options. Protein shakes, dressings, marinades, noodles and soups and a wide array of other pre-made diet foods options are readily available for easy snacking and meal conversion.

Our hCG diet is strictly monitored and tailored around any lifestyle. We help our clients achieve their weight loss goals, as well as aid those with diseases like hypothyroidism maintain a healthy weight loss lifestyle.These diseases demand continuous calorie monitoring along with restricted food intake. Our new line of low glycemic, gluten free foods makes it easy dieters to make the right healthy food choices while keeping weight off permanently and improve their overall health.

The integration of these foods into the program that involves the administration of prescription grade hCG through sublingual tablets, drops and injections has further enhanced its effectiveness as well as the convenience factor associated with their weight loss diet.

While on the hCG diet, our clients rarely report experiencing hunger, loss of energy, or any other side effects associate with a low calorie diet. What they do report experiencing is fast weight loss, and a renewed interest in their health.

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