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Vitamin D Rich Foods to Aid our hCG Diet

New research suggests that Vitamin D plays a crucial role in fast weight loss and most people who are overweight are lacking this essential vitamin

Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently conducted studies on the role of vitamin D in weight and found that dieters have better diet success when vitamin D levels are increased.

This essential vitamin is unique because it is also a hormone manufactured by the body if exposed to the right amount of sunlight, which, most people do not get because of the use of sunscreen.

Another cause of vitamin D deficiency is poor diet, which can also lead to weight gain. In fact, a third of the American population were found to be deficient in vitamin D according to new analysis by researchers from the National Center for Health Statistics.

Lack of vitamin D in our bodies is also related to other diseases like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and brittle bones.

Recent reports conducted by the researchers from the University of Minnesota also found that overweight people higher chance of being vitamin D deficient and have better success in losing weight when their vitamin levels are increased.

So apparently it is UVB rays that are needed in order for our bodies to create our own vitamin D, but they are being filtered out by sun block, fog, pollution or smog, and simply not going outside enough.

Most find that the safest and most reliable way to get this vitamin is through consumption of right foods.

Our weight loss diet is bolstered with foods high in vitamin D which help to burn more fat. Although each diet plan is personalized and created by a certified nutritionist for each of their patients, their long list of foods also gives patients the flexibility to choose what they eat each day. These foods can include tuna, broccoli, fibrous fruits, eggs, and green leafy vegetables.

They also include their specially formulated “dessert” protein bars and shakes that are fortified with vitamin D and other essential vitamins as a snack. Our modified version of the original Simeons hCG diet is filled with nutritious and antioxidant rich foods designed to alkalize and detoxify your body.

Each item in our weight loss foods list was chosen specifically for its benefits. We found that the addition of vitamin D-rich foods to our weight loss foods list plays a vital role in the overall weight loss process, says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.


Our weight loss program contains a multitude of benefits. Along with a customized diet plan and weight loss starter package that includes all the essentials tools to get start on the program, Diet Doc also offers a free comprehensive health evaluation to their patients.

We provide this evaluation in order to assess current health and vitamin levels in our clients, and make recommendations on vitamins to aid fast weight loss.

“We offer the health evaluation as a tool to give patients insight into the cause of everyday symptoms, most of which people deal with by ignoring them on a daily basis,” says Julie Wright, Founder and CEO for Diet Doc.

“We are constantly working to improve our weight loss programs, not by making it the latest fad but by creating a system that generates real, life-long changes for our patients.” adds Wright.



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