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More Options with hCG Diet than Weight Loss Surgery

Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss announced a new alternative to weight loss surgery that promises rapid and safe weight loss using a combination of weight loss drugs and weight loss pills.

Our team of weight loss physicians has created an individualized hCG diet for people who want to lose weight safely and quickly without the invasiveness of surgery or risky medications.

 This new weight loss diet helps patients achieve their weight loss target of 30 pounds a month successfully.

Because our clients are able to achieve their fast weight loss goals so effectively, our hCG diet is the best alternative to invasive and risky weight loss surgery.

By speeding up the process of fat metabolism at the cellular level, this new weight loss diet from the company promotes fast weight loss, thereby helping a patient avoid invasive weight loss surgeries such as bariatric surgery or Lap-Band surgery that have a number of risk factors associated with them.

Our hCG diet is physician monitored and managed. We first consider each clients health history, age, gender, lifestyle, weight loss goals, and many other factors before configuring a customized weight loss diet. These factors are largely neglected when receiving other types of weight loss services.

We have successfully helped more than 97% of their patients lose weight fast eliminates the desire and need for weight loss surgery.

Another reason to choose the hCG diet is the abundance of our proprietary weight loss pills. We create our own, physician formulated weight loss medication to aid in our hCG diet, which ensures that our clients receive the optimum care and effect of our hCG diet.

According to Belviq or Qsymia's own clinical study on their efficacy, these weight loss drugs reported an extremely low weight loss averaging only 12 pounds a year.

We offer a wide variety of extremely effective weight loss pills and weight loss drugs.

 These include those that control appetite, a lipotropic fat metabolizer that works to release fat cells at a cellular level, and a prescription strength saffron extract touted by Dr. Oz as a “miracle weight loss drug” that controls emotional eating.

Whether combined with our prescription hCG diet, or used as standalone weight management aids, our new diet pills help you achieve that body you've been wanting, without surgery.

As a provider of these new weight loss diets nationwide, Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss is helping millions of Americans achieve their weight loss goals through these clinically advanced, doctor designed, and physician managed weight loss solutions.

We are so effective at helping clients lose weight; we are the only weight loss service to offer a guarantee!

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