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Faster and Safer Weight Loss with hCG diet than Popular Alli

A customized hCG weight loss diet is proven more effective than popular, over-the-counter fat blocking drugs like Alli. Studies show that a customized hCG diet provides fast weight loss at an average of 1 pound per day. Studies from Alli claim that it only provides up to 6.6 pounds of weight loss per year over a placebo.

The popular drug Alli works by blocking fat absorption into the bloodstream, allowing people to eat more calories while absorbing less. The weight loss drug Alli is a brand name version of the pharmaceutical orlistat.

Statistics clearly show that Alli and Xenical are unable to provide weight loss equal to, or even close to an hCG diet. Furthermore, Alli is notorious for its undesirable side effects like loose stool and oily leakage.

 Clinical trials suggest that people given Alli in addition to lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise, lose about 2–3 kilograms (4.4–6.6 lb) more than those not taking the drug over the course of a year.

Similar clinical studies conducted originally by the discoverer of hCG, Dr. Simeons, show that a monitored hCG weight loss diet routinely provides average weight loss of a pound-per-day.

Weight loss is now safe and fast, without adverse side effects associated with Alli.

A Consumer Reports article reveals further complaints about Alli, these however are more serious.

These reports show a pattern of adverse events submitted to the agency since Jan. 1, 2007, including rectal bleeding and kidney, liver and thyroid problems.

In contrast to these harmful side effects of Alli, our hCG diet is safe for almost anyone with little to no reported side effects.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet and Weight Loss CEO Julie Wright adds that "The hCG Diet offered by Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans goes back over 50 years. Initially discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950's, hCG has been proven safe for nearly anyone, and has a longstanding track record of producing fast weight loss safely and effectively."

An organization that focuses on consumer advocacy recently called for the removal of Alli and other orlistat based drugs from the market based on public health risks.

Public Citizen's Health Research Group says that orlistat based drugs should be removed from the U.S. market because they not only can damage the liver but, based on new information obtained from FDA adverse reaction files, have been associated with 47 cases of acute pancreatitis and 73 cases of kidney stones.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group in Washington said, “Any one of these serious risks alone would be sufficient basis for banning Alli. This drug has the potential to cause significant damage to multiple critical organs, yet they provide meager benefits in reducing weight loss in obese and overweight patients. For this reason, the FDA should tell the manufacturers of this drug, GlaxoSmithKline to pull Alli from the market immediately.”

hCG has almost 60 years of evidence to suggest its safety and effectiveness in weight loss diets.

We offer every one of our patients physician monitored weight loss, clinical support 6 days a week, and many other services and products that result in our weight loss guarantee!

Diet Doc nutritionists create a customized weight loss plan based on patient health needs and fast weight loss goals.

Unlike over-the-counter Alli and Xenical, we offer comprehensive evaluation before, during, and after our hCG diet is administered.

As a part of this process, the client is paired with a weight loss coach, available six days a week.

Our hCG diet is the only on the market guaranteed to produce fast weight loss.



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