Real hCG Diet Plan, hCG Drops, Pills Injections, Shakes & More!

Prescription Only hCG Diet drom Diet Doc Offers Benefits over Commerical Weight Loss Systems.

Diet Doc offers an exclusive hCG weight loss program that is created by team of medical professionals and known for giving fast weight loss results.

We introduced an improved ketogenic diet to work in conjunction with our prescription hCG. Our improved prescription hCG weight loss formula is proven to produce fast weight loss.The new formula contains a pharmaceutical-grade vitamin B-12 that has long been recognized by the medical community for its energizing and metabolizing properties.

CEO of and Diet Doc Julie Wright adds that the new formula is safer and more effective.

We set ourselves apart from commercial weight loss programs because our program is truly created and monitored by an integrative team of doctors, nutritionists, nurses and health advisors.

Our physicians and consultants are available 6 days a week to address client concerns.

Our program speaks for itself and we don’t feel the need to use celebrity endorsements like most commercial weight loss programs use to promote themselves, says Wright.

It sometimes seems that extremely large companies like Weight Watchers value celebrity endorsements over presenting an innovative product. Constantly updating your product is however not as easy as hiring celebrities to use their popularity to sell product.  

The Weight Watchers program uses a calorie counting system that encourages dieters to eat portion controlled meals.

But often, these types of diets that do the calculations for you don’t necessarily encourage the lifestyle change that is essential for long term weight management. Diet Doc Medical Director Dr. Rao enforces this idea; "A diet program that uses numbers to determine a food’s nutritional value seems like an easy solution to follow but won’t exactly create healthy eating habits that are permanent."

Diet Doc hCG weight loss program is designed to not only create permanent changes in the body but also will also transforms the way one eats. Our hCg diet incorporates a physician monitored hCG diet with healthy eating choices. The hCG suppresses appetite while the diet enables weight loss.

The ketogenic diet also works to burn fat by putting the body into a state of ketosis, a natural process that occurs when the body is low in glucose.

“We found that by incorporating a ketogenic diet with our pharmaceutical-grade hCG will maximize the body’s ability to burn fat, creating fast weight loss results,” says Dr. Rao.

The diet allows up to 1200 calories a day with a long choice of foods to choose from that are presented in four progressive stages. To teach good eating habits, we've included a diet workbook that explains the stages of our diet, in addition to a customized grocery list and food journal. Diet Doc optimizes our program with a support system that includes unlimited access to our medical team.

Also, unlike other huge corporate weight management programs, we medically evaluate each client, individualize an effective diet plan, and instruct clients on the proper application of our prescription hCG.

The patient will then be guided by a health advisor to ensure success and will also have access to the rest of the Diet Doc medial team anytime, a benefit that is almost unheard of in any of the commercial weight loss programs.

Wright says, “Our patients feel confident in changing their eating habits with the support from our team and we find that this personalized attention is what really makes our program unique to the weight loss community.”

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