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Reduce Excess Abdominal Fat Caused By Stress

A new approach to help people reduce excess abdominal fat caused by stress was announced by Diet Doc. Our hCG diet is the only modern day hCG diet on the market that is both physician supervised and managed. Apart from helping people lose weight fast, this combination of clinically relevant diets has been tweaked to target excess abdominal fat.

Harvard University published a study revealing abdominal fat playing a part in metabolic disturbances, cardiovascular disease, and even type II diabetes.

In women, it is also associated with breast cancer and the need for gallbladder surgery.

For instance, women having what would be considered an apple shaped body stand at a higher risk for developing health problems. Lower caloric intake followed by a daily exercise routine is important for men with a waistline at 40 or more and women who have waistlines measuring 35 inches or more.

With a customized hCG diet from Diet Doc, clients will begin to target abdominal fat and start to bring our BMI back to a healthy number.

A study conducted at Yale suggests that lean women with abdominal fat have exaggerated responses to cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for abdominal weight gain because it signals the body to store fat around the midsection, which can lead to extra structural fat, the necessary fat that surrounds our organs. Structural fat is needed, but too much is a problem. Cortisol not only stimulates the appetite but also induces cravings for sugar and fat, which explains why most people eat when they are stressed.

Our hCG diet is specifically designed to fight stubborn fat in tough-to-trim areas lke your abdominal. Combined with adrenal support supplements, our hCG diet helps to return cortisol levels to normal while maintaining energy levels.

Our weight management programs are safe and effective and help patients achieve life-long results that cannot be accomplished through any surgery.

Based on nutritious eating habits, we will customize a healthy diet for you that includes a lot of green leafy vegetables, fibrous fruit, protein and vitamin supplements, and delicious weigh tloss shakes to quell even the largest sugar craving.

The four stage weight loss diet from Diet Doc puts the body in an efficient state of using fat as a source of energy as caloric and food intake work hand-in-hand.

Our hCg diet is unique in that it facilitates fast weight loss that can be maintained permanently. Healthy eating habits are established and true fat loss is experienced, unlike other diets that cause you to lose a ton of water weight initially, but as your body reabsorbs essential H2o, the weight loss comes right back. 

Patients notice changes in our body structure when they follow this weight loss diet that has been around for over 50 years with the modernized version of it being offered only by Diet Doc.

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