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New hCG Diet with Added Detoxifying Cleanse

We have paired our hCG weight loss diet with a detoxifying plan in an effort to flush harmful toxins from the body while promoting fast weight loss.

The rise in obesity rates seem to parallel the increase in environmental toxicity. A recent report released earlier this year by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists that nearly every person they tested had a variety of chemicals, including flame retardants stored in fatty tissue and Bisphenol A, a hormone-like substance found in plastics, excreted in urine.

These are just two of the millions of harmful chemicals we are exposed to daily, in our food, water, air, and many other sources.

Scientists are now taking a closer look into the effects that these substances have on our health and they have already made the link between several harmful chemicals and weight gain and obesity.

Diet Doc Medical Director Dr. Rao reveals that "These chemicals are foreign to the human body and will disrupt its natural processes and cause it to slow down, creating one’s health to go into a downward spiral."

And while there is no way to avoid these harmful substances from entering into your system, there are ways to get rid of them. 

With this in mind, we have developed and perfected a customized hCG weight loss diet with a body detox regimen, aiding in weight loss and organ cleansing.

According to Diet Doc’s Founder and CEO Julie Wright, the program is designed to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins that will lead to overall weight loss with a dramatic reduction in cellulite, high energy levels and even clearer skin.

Most people will find that a low-calorie diet and exercise won’t do much to help them lose weight probably because they are full of toxins. Dieters that have been on our weight loss cleanse have been surprised at how easy it was for them to lose weight after trying our weight loss cleanse.

The total diet works by combining effective weight loss medication, specifically prescription hCG, with known detoxifying diet foods to flush your system.

Each food item listed in their diet plan is chosen for its effects on the digestive system as well as the liver and kidneys, all of which play an important role in detoxification and metabolism.

We pay special attention to the liver, as almost everything to enter your body passes through your liver at some point in the digestion process. Unfortunately, these aren't always healthy things; they are also heavy metals like arsenic, chemicals, food preservatives like MSG, and other toxins.

To aid this key organ, Diet Doc puts an emphasis on daily servings of green leafy vegetables that are known to speed the breakdown of fat-storing toxins and keeps the metabolism running.

Another thing to consider; not all fat is bad.

Diet Doc encourages dieters to take in a couple of tablespoons of a medium-chain-triglyceride (MCT) oil that is derived from the coconut and known to be the best source of fat because it is easily broken down by the body and used as a source of energy.

Proteins are another element of our hCG weight loss and detox diet, because proteins are vital for enzyme production, which can help break down foods as they pass through the digestive tract.

Diet Doc personalizes each weight loss program to accommodate each person.

A team of in-house physicians supervise each client on their diet journey to ensure that all goals are met, including weight loss and detoxification.

Made easily accessible for anyone across the country, Diet Doc’s weight loss programs have recently been made available via the internet and over the phone for weight loss consultations.

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