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Download Weight Loss App for iPad and iPhone

Download App for iPhone

Download App for iPad

Achieve your desired weight loss goals with help from our hCG 800 / Diet Doc app developed for both the iPad and iPhone. This complete weight loss solution will successfully guide you by planning out your daily food intake from the start, all the way through to your maintenance/life phase. This app has been packed with great user-tested features and contains a database with over 5000 food, drink and snack items to choose from. You can plan your weekly schedule for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and even adjust portion amounts thanks to many other highly configurable options. A daily journal for noting progress and weight loss success can be recorded in one convenient place. A picture album for documenting visual progress and other great features are included as well. Set up notifications and alerts to remind you when and what your diet calls for at that time. You can also adjust measurements and weights in the tool, and display the results as graphs or other charts for easier visualization and understanding. A help section with videos and tips to success are also provided as well as many other robust features in this new version. Watch our videos listed below and then download the App now to start losing weight now!











Download App for iPhone

Download App for iPad

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