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Announcing the Addition of Lipotropics in our hCG Diet

There are plenty of weight loss surgeries and fad diets available, hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss has come up with a safe alternative for the same extreme weight loss results with the addition of Lipotropics to our diet armory.

Lipotropics aid the body in burning fat, giving the fat burning furnace an extra boost with a combination of powerful ingredients such as Carnitine and B12. With Lipotropics, we've added another layer to our extreme weight loss arsenal. This is great to either speed up an already successful program or just to remedy a diet plateau, aiding by giving our clients the extreme weight loss dieters are looking for.

Lipotropics are named such after lipo = fat, and tropic = to move. Lipotropics simply add a bit of fuel to the fire during dieting, and take our already successful hCG weight loss diet plan to the next level of fast weight loss., a publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians, for example proclaims that fad diets "typically don't result in long-term weight loss and they are usually not very healthy. In fact, some of these diets can actually be dangerous to your health”.

Spawning an industry of fad diets in its wake, the Obesity epidemic in America is constantly on the rise. But few of these fad diets address the very basic need of nutrition in their weight loss diet plan. They tend to ignore the need body's need for balanced and effective nutrition in burning fat. Depending on the health level of the dieter, the methods of crash diets or extreme exercise can be dangerous. Diet Doc Weight Loss has added a Lipotropic to their already successful diet plan as an alternative to these often dangerous options, enabling our clients to lose weight without strenuous exercise.

Even well-known, well-advertised diet programs that make use of points to valuate food, still require you to have the will power to not overeat. But these diets still don’t address the need to use food as fuel. Our bodies are telling us that we need fuel, hence the hunger pangs when we're hungry. Any diet that says yeah go ahead and eat that piece of pizza, but control yourself and stop eating after that is not addressing the fundamentals of weight loss. Our hCG diet eliminates hunger pain, so you don't need to worry about over eating. But eliminating nutrition, or substituting a lot of healthy food for a few points worth of pizza is unhealthy, and can lead to system failure and illness. Every system in the human body requires adequate nutrition in order to operate, so we have a cookbook, diet foods, and lipotropic technology.

 A person looking for extreme weight loss results has to beware not to get caught up in unhealthy fad diets, warns Diet Doc CEO, Julie Wright

Our medically supervised diet plan is simple at hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss. Our doctors have designed an hCG Diet plan that allows your body to convert the stored fat in your stomach and other trouble areas into readily available to fuel. Plus our customized diet eliminates other easy fuel sources like excessive carbohydrates, sugars, and fats, while still providing basic nutrition that our bodies need. So our clients experience the most extreme weight loss available, without the dangers of malnutrition. In a world flooded with Fad diets and extreme weight loss measures, medically supervised hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss has come up with an alternative.


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