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New Editions to the hCG Diet for Fast Weight Loss.

Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss announces the accumulation of fresh options to our hCG weight loss diet, guaranteed to produce remarkable weight loss. An updated version of the original hCG diet that was initially developed in the 1950’s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons; our customized diet with additional options are guaranteed to promote faster weight loss.

Diet Doc’s proprietary diet program has been customized to benefit every body type and lifestyle. These range from athletes, to vegetarians, to people who simply want to lose as little as 10 pounds.

Our company’s mission is to create a customized hCG diet, specific to each individual. We understand that there are several reasons why people abandon their diets, thus failing to lose necessary or desired weight, and we ensure that all of our clients have ample support from our team as well as one of our specialized weight loss coaches. Our weight loss coaches continually check how the client is doing and are available six days a week-this service is offered at no additional charge.

This new hCG diet plan is based on our experience and knowledge of nutrition and weight loss and intended to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

We have added:

  • New diet recipes
  • New health questionnaire
  • Multitude of weight loss food
  •  Customized wright loss diet from Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss

The weight loss diet designed by Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss is not only a lot more affordable but also effective when compared to the other diet plans in the market.

Our distinctive body maintenance curriculum will help you keep the weight off by providing you with the tools and information that is needed to maintain an ideal weight.

These tools include:

  • A 100+ page hCG Cookbook with recipes that are formulated exclusively for the program and a detailed patient workbook that details step-by-step instructions on how to follow the Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss Program.

On our structured physician managed and medically supervised hCG diet plan, our patients lose as much as 1 pound per day, a much safer alternative to risky surgery or dangerous diet pills.

Our low carbohydrate hCG diet is doctor recommended for people with various medical conditions related to obesity. Our hCG diet has ben designed to meet the weight loss goals of an obesity stricken America.

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