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Newly Modified Weight Loss Program Launched

We recently launched a newly modified weight loss program that not only offers patients more options but also a dramatic increase in the program’s effectiveness when compared to the earlier hCG weight loss diet plan.

Our updated hCG weight loss diet plan includes several diet and supplement options which will ensure greater results on your weight loss journey.

  • Our hCG weight loss diets are guaranteed to produce better results. 

Some of the new options we've recently introduced include personalized diet modifications for anyone with adverse health conditions. Our goal is to make our weight loss diet tailor fit any customer, regardless of health and fitness level, because for many patients, health is directly related to carrying excess weight. For many patients, fast weight loss is a necessity for good health to ensue.

Our plan is indeed personalized to fit each person’s weight loss needs, especially when a patient has health concerns that could affect his or her weight loss goals. Ideally, we want patients to lose all the weight they desire without any adverse side effects. This hCG diet allows an unlimited amount of green leafy vegetables, and even allows moderate consumption of our desert bars, sure to satisfy the most sugary sweet tooth.

We have introduced these products in an effort to make our clients feel freer in their diets.

  • Another nice addition to the modified hCG diet are our new diet supplements, which will aid in fast weight loss.
 We still offer the only medically-supervised hCG weight loss diet, and have for almost ten years. We constantly evaluate our diet's success and adjust it accordingly, as we strive for excellence. Offered only in European specialty health spas and clinics before it was finally introduced to the US, the hCG program from Diet Doc is the only program that is prescribed by a doctor and is approved by the FDA.

Each new patient is subject to a thorough health evaluation before admittance to the hCG diet is permitted. Once accepted, a customized health plan written by a nutritionist is created, and patient progress is constantly monitored by a trained and highly qualified weight loss coach.

Every patient has access to hCGTreatments / Diet Doc’s team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists and our weight loss coaches mediate the doctor/patient communication process while addressing any concerns the patient may have. The success of our hCG diet is driven by these procedures, which ensure that patients are given the most effective products and the best service possible, always.

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