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New (prescription) appetite suppressant that works well with prescription hCG

Some people while on the hCG diet, especially the first week, experience hunger. Diet Doc Weight Loss created a new (prescription) appetite suppressant that works very well without causing the jitters. Shop for Prescription hCG

The hCG diet is a ketogenic diet. What does this mean? It means that when your liver utilizes fat as fuel vs. using carbohydrates, you lose rapid weight fast! When your body releases fat like this, the ketones are dumped into your urine. You can test the rate you are burning fat with ketone strips. If you are in ketosis, you are losing weight. If the scale isn't moving, you might be constipated. 

If you hit a plateau....try these helpful hints:

Remove all fruit and tomatoes....see if that starts the weight loss again

If constipated, try magnesium, Smooth Move tea or something all natural. Don't take Ex-Lax or a stool softener that isn't 100% natural. The chemicals inside these types of products will slow down the weight loss as it will take your liver a lot of work to process.

Make sure you are not under eating on calories. This is a common mistake.

Don't eat 3 hours before bedtime. You burn fat in the middle of the night. If your body is busy digesting food, then it can't burn the fat.

Finding hCG diet compatible (pre-packaged) food is a challenge. This is because creating this type of food is unique. Diet Doc hCG Diet created diet food specifically while on the hCG diet. Entrees include: hot & sour soup, Thai chicken, chicken gumbo & steak soup. All are 20 calories per serving and do not include anything artificial.

Not all hCG is created equal....did you know that some pharmacies dilute the prescription hCG? Ask for a "Certificate of Authenticity" before you buy. This is where a 3rd party lab analyzes the hCG to show it's 100% pure hCG!

hCG typically bought out of country is hCG from animals. This is why they can sell it so cheap.

Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss is offering buy 1 month of hCG, receive either 1 week of hCG tablets (prescription) or 1 week of (prescription) appetite suppressant. Call 888 934 4451

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