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26-43 Day Medical hCG Diet Plan

26 Days To Shed FAT!

Most people at some point in life want to shed those extra pounds to achieve a toned looking body. Both men and women strive to shed baby fat or love handles or a pooch of a belly. There are numerous ways to achieve that however, results may not always what the person wants via exercise and most diets.  

A safer and quicker option to lose weight is the 26 Day hCG Diet Program.  This is a medical diet plan that can be customized to fit your goals with a nutritionist, nurse and doctor all there to support you on your hCG diet journey.  The doctors will prescribed your choice of hCG diet injections, diet pills (troches) or Diet Drops, that you pick up from the pharmacy and the nutritionist will prescribe your hCG diet food of 500-1000 calories. 

hCG works by signaling the hypothalamus(present in the brain) and mobilizes fat stores. The 14 Day hCG Diet Program helps one lose weight between 1 to 3 pounds a day. This diet program is a combination of daily hCG injections or daily intake of the hCG tablet.

It's not always easy to maintain a low-calorie diet, one can always find interesting ways to make the advised diet look more appealing with hCG diet recipes, hCG diet cookbooks and you can always order the hCG diet shakes in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry to your home.  NO guessing on what to eat, the hCG diet shakes are ready to go!

Dieting was never easier than with the medical hCG diet plan!

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