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Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau brought Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches to the forefront in 2007 with his book, The Weight Loss Cure. He ‘rediscovered’ the obesity cure and introduced a few updates for this day and age. Some say these updates make Dr. Simeons’ Pounds an Inches reflective of how our foods are processed today.
Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure is Dr. Simeons hCG diet protocol in the basics in every respect. Where the original hCG diet protocol and The Weight Loss Cure differ are in the amount of hCG to take (KT recommends 175 – 200 iu’s daily injections), cleanses, colonics, teas, supplements and such.
There are good reasons for this new phase of the hCG diet protocol. Today, animals are injected with antibiotics and hormones, our foods are genetically engineered, the pesticides used today are stronger than even 10 years ago and diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease are more prevalent today than when Dr. Simeons started prescribing the hCG diet protocol for dieters to cure obesity. In effect, Kevin Trudeau has updated Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches in The Weight Loss Cure for today’s health issues, illnesses, and diseases that have taken hold in our culture.
hCG Diet Phase 1 & Phase 2
Essentially, Phase 1 & 2 of The Weight Loss Cure are the cleanses. For a deeper understanding of the changes that Kevin Trudeau made, I suggest buying the book, The Weight Loss Cure and/or watching his video series on The Weight Loss Cure from a presentation he did at The Green Valley Spa in October 2008.  Great overview!
Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure recommends a colon cleansing or high enema prior to and during the hcg diet protocol.
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (organic)
1 tablespoon 3x daily of raw apple cider vinegar will help stimulate the metabolism, cleanse the organs and release stored fat.
Colon Cleanses
During the first 30 days of hcg diet protocol phase 1 you should have 15 colonics. Colonics, or high enemas, flush the colon of fecal material and toxins. This can help reduce gas and bloating, food cravings and constipation while on the hCG diet protocol. There are at home colonics with very good reputationsthat are very easy to use.
Addressing Candida (yeast overgrowth)
An overgrowth of Candida albicans can affect the whole body and your health. Candida can produce over 100 different toxins all affecting your health in general and non-specific ways. This can make it very difficult for a doctor to diagnose Candida because it can mimic hundreds of other symptoms.
Overgrowth of Candida can be caused by stress, reduced physical activity, antibiotics overuse, vaccinations, deficiency in nutrition, exposure to toxins, viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites. Candida overgrowth can occur when there is stress to the body such as a lowered immune system or emotional stress.
What you will see is that while on the hCG diet protocol is that you will have more energy. The hCG diet will initially diminish Candida, but you can treat it with ThreeLac, a probiotic. For a long term cure, you must change your eating habits and avoid certain foods that cause yeast to run rampant in your system.
Signs of Candida Overgrowth Include:
Allergies, heart problems, poor memory, ear infections, sinusitis, asthma, headaches, migraines
Bad breath and rectal itching, mood swings, canker sores, persistent heartburn, muscle and joint pain,
Numbness and tingling sensations in the face or extremities, acne, night sweats, sore throat, nagging cough,
Clogged sinuses, PMS, thrush, cystitis, fungal infections of the skin and nails, kidney and bladder infections,
Arthritis, flatulence (gas), gastritis, diarrhea, chronic constipation, colitis, ulcers in the digestive tract, Leaky gut syndrome.
Additionally in females; sterility, fibrosis, or pregnancy problems and vaginitis
An additionally in males; prostate and impotence
These systems can present a strain on the liver, which is the organ that detoxifies the blood, causing additional symptoms of extreme fatigue, feelings of discomfort, depression, hyperactivity, and indigestion to join the previously mentioned symptoms.
The key first line of defense against Candida is probiotics. ThreeLac is a popular treatment for Candida. ThreeLac, which contains probiotics, works by suppressing the growth of Candida in the intestinal and vaginal tract, and also inhibits the adherence of Candida to the epithelial surface. Thus, in effect, killing the bad bacteria, Candida, in the intestines and vagina. Prescriptions of anti-fungicides for Candida infection do not responded as completely or effectively as the ThreeLac.
hCG Diet Teas
Organic Green Tea
Has many health benefits.Organic Green Tea is known to be a healthy beverage due to its antioxidant, epigallocatechin-3 gallate, which helps fight many diseases. Organic green tea helps promote weight loss while on the hCG diet and boosts stamina, helps fight cancer, can treat rheumatoid arthritis and can help reduce cholesterol.
Is another hCG diet change introduced by Trudeau. Yerba Mate tea has a relaxing effect on muscles along with appetite control. Yerba Mate tea has been shown to help reduce obesity, lower LDL-cholesterol in individuals on statin therapy, and improve the lipid profile of healthy individuals.
Oo-Long Tea
An antioxidant tea containing catechine, thearubigin and theaflavin, that maintains a very good reputation as an aid in losing weight by burning fat and increasing metabolism, and has an added benefit of blocking dietary fat absorption. Although you are not ingesting fat while on the hCG diet protocol, Oolong tea can help burn the additional body fat you have. Oo-Long tea was found to reduce triglycerides in the blood, reduce cholesterol, and increase adiponectin levels in the blood plasma. Low levels of adiponectin in plasma have been associated with obesity, Type II diabetes, and heart disease.
Organic Chamomile tea
Known for years for its calming effect on the mind body and soul, has been shown as an effective muscle relaxant, and is also good for relieving stress and boosting the immune system, thereby helping to fight colds and infections. Gylcine, found in organic chamomile tea, is an amino acid that produces the muscle relaxation and also has a mild sedative effect. Stress has been shown to be another silent killer that is at the root of many problems and increases disease. Organic chamomile tea can help to reduce stress. While on the hCG diet de-stressing is very important to your overall long term health and well-being.
hCG Diet Tea to Control Insulin
Eleotin tea is a natural product to help control insulin. Type II Diabetes is an epidemic and has gone beyond the family history of the disease. When you have better control of your insulin levels, you can better control hunger and cravings. Eleotin tea helps to lower and control blood glucose levels and helps maintain control long after you stop drinking the tea. You can read all about Eleotin tea and decide for yourself if this is a product worth drinking while on the hCG diet.
Other hCG The Weight Loss Cure Supplements
Is another introduction of Trudeau’s to the hCG diet protocol. The Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil contains three very important components, lauric acid, caprylic acid and, capric acid, which contain antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is useful in losing weight as it increases metabolism, and is better cooking oil than most types of oils due to the structure of coconut oil fat and its useful antimicrobial properties in fighting Candida.
Is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the brain, liver and kidneys. L-Carnitine helps convert food into energy and produces acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that supports mental function. As we age L-Carnitine declines, which is unfortunate because studies show L-Carnitine positive effects on Alzheimer’s disease, depression, erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia, and Type I and II diabetes.
Is excellent at stress relief and as a natural sleep aid. Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies, and when deficient it can cause a number of stress factors in our bodies. Natural Calm restores healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium levels, which results in stress relief. Natural Calm works fast to re-balance magnesium levels.
Heavy Metal Cleanse
Can rid the body of excess proteins and mucus, restoring the proper pH balance to the body. Heavy metals buildups have been linked to cancer and many health problems.
HCG Diet Phase 3
Kevin Trudeau’s phase 3 of The Weight Loss Cure is a very important part of the hCG diet protocol weight loss treatment. It is during this phase that the hypothalamus begins to reset and the metabolism is restored, helping to eliminate future constant hunger and prevents the abnormal fat storing in problem areas of the body.
This phase is where Trudeau and Dr. Simeons meet.
Check out some of the hCG diet recipes you can enjoy on Phase 3 and in later rounds of the hCG diet protocol.
HCG Diet – Phase 4
By the time you reach this end of your hCG diet journey, you will have accomplished not only weight loss, but a great control over your ‘food life’, better health and well-being and developed new healthier habits. The benefits the hCG diet plan will have kicked in, normalizing hunger, exercising portion control, eliminating food cravings, resetting the metabolism, increasing energy levels and eliminating abnormal fat storage.
Due to better eating and healthier organic foods, your overall appearance should look healthier, with stronger nails and hair, plus glowing and vibrant skin. You should be sleeping better, exercising regularly and have more overall energy in your daily activities.
Remember twenty years ago, obesity wasn’t an epidemic. Processed foods are the epidemic that causes obesity.

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MC NAquin, please, where did you find the rapid dissolve tabs, and can you recommend a reputable oral HCG supplier on the net? Thanks!
Okay so I noticed many many negative reviews out there about this diet and I have found this website and others to be a great resource. I wanted to put in my two cents and advice for those that are interested. Yes some of the ideas Trudeau has are a little out there, but only as out there as your diet. Meaning if you eat BigMacs most days and Tuna Helper on a good day then you need to do more of his recommendations. Please watch Food, Inc. if you have not and re-evaluate your food choices for all of us. All of his dietary recommendations from coconut oil to the teas are beneficial. I can not stomach the apple cider vinegar but I know people that swear by it. As far as the colonics etc. well I have never done a colonic but I have done “fiber” cleanses where I eat raw veggies and only very high fiber cereal for several days. If you have never done something like that then you would not understand why you need it. If you have then you get why he recommends it. I suggest some dieters tea and my personal favorite, brown rice green tea (takes the edge off). I am not a fan of the yerba mate tea (bleck) but I drink lots of organic hot and cold white tea with a squeeze of lemon or lime which is great for helping with the headaches in the beginning of any diet. Also COQ10, acai berry and green tea supplements in sufficient doses work MIRACLES for detox and appetite control. I did not follow the diet entirely or for the entire time but I did for the first 14 days and followed for a month with a modified version sticking to low carbs. In 6 weeks I lost 20 pounds after trying unsuccessfully for over 3 years to lose weight via 1200 calorie diets and HOURS of exercise DAILY. This works, sucks but works and you change your eating habits for the better. I suggest trying to make it at least 14 days with as many raw veggies as you can and “pure protein” stick to veggie burgers, wild caught white fish, organic chicken or even tofu for the protein. You will be surprised. Branch out and add some additional items but stick to “whole foods.” Use the coconut oil to cook your food and try some of the “miracle” noodles (just rinse well). Take care of your body and it will take care of you. I have 30 more pounds to go but I am no longer in the obese BMI category and have more energy than I ever imagined. I feel worse right now and have some serious tummy issues after “cheating” too much on my intermission. I am on my “load” day and trust me I am not looking forward to going back on but it is worth it. Now that I know it works I plan to take the rest of the weight off in a REAL (stick to the plan) month long run of 27-35 days on the diet (with 3 load days– 2 did not work as well for me) and one 7-15 day run with no load days if I do not get to my goal or gain any back after 3 weeks. You need to plan to lose at least 3 if not 5 additional pounds past your set weight to account for water loss and sheer lack of food in your system. I want to stress something here… I am almost 40 years old with NO thyroid and I know if it worked for me it will work for you. I know how to eat properly but after being on half the appropriate thyroid dose for 4+ YEARS I gained considerable weight (long story). Depression from low energy and inability to even function like a normal human turned the initial 25 pounds into 50 REAL fast. What I am saying is DO NOT listen to anyone else but yourself. This is not a gimmick and I have nothing to gain by posting this. If I can do it so can you. I plan to stick to the low carb high veggie moderate protein variation that I did the first 14 days (where I lost 15 of the 20) and eat lots of raw organic veggies with the zero calorie dressing from Walden Farms mixed with a Porter mustard (rocks). I ate some pineapple and raspberries as well. I know Walden Farms is not the most “natural” product in the world but a sacrifice, normally I would do an organic non-fat sour cream and cream cheese mixed with mustard, some herbs and spices but that is not allowed on the diet. Watch your sugar free product intake, I do not partake of most additives esp. sugar substitutes normally and so when I ingested more than ever with a couple of diet sodas to replace my coffee (must have cream and sweetener) and used some of the other sugar free products I had a strange reaction and the WORST migraine of my life (this was 10 days in so not the initial headache either). I am not a big meat eater so I modify the plan and eat the 130k or less veggie burgers and some fish. I may have to supplement with some “tasty” low carb protein shakes but we do what we must. I normally use dairy and protein bars for my protein. Even for those that need to modify the diet if you stick to the principles (esp. the 500 calorie limit) and ratios of protein to veggies to fruit (add broccoli or pineapple and others to the list if that is what you like as long as you do not go over 75 calories of veggies or 50 calories for fruit per serving) it will still work. So bottom line– need to lose at least 20 pounds and are willing to deal with the agony of a very strict diet to get there? HCG works, find a compounding pharmacy where you live and ask if they offer the HCG diet protocol or if they can recommend a Dr. that does. Do not pay out the nose through some “med spa” for it. If you order online look the company up in BBB and do not use a foreign pharmacy please. Find a compounding pharmacy in your area and they will tell you where to go. BTW– I use the rapid dissolve tabs 200 IU NOT injections and it works like a charm. This site has good products for the diet but I can not vouch for anything specifically beyond their advice rocks and has been dead on. Thank you so much! Take the basic plan modify as needed but follow guidelines from either physician and drink some tea… viola skinny jeans fit again. Well that is the result…. after you spend many days imagining random items and even people as potential food sources, you emerge relatively unscathed with far less of you than before. Point is: nothing ventured nothing gained (or lost in this case) and it does work if you can stick to it. If you eat too much or stray from the ratios you will not lose so you have to stick to the plan but when you do (besides the random desire to knaw on strange things) you will be satisfied with the REAL RESULTS. A true believer… and noted former skeptic
@MC Naquin, Thanks MC, good info.
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charles Dewrell and Bonnie Grace, Jennie Craig. Jennie Craig said: The Weight Loss Cure hCG Diet: He 'rediscovered' the obesity cure and introduced a few updates for this day and ..... [...]
you should have 15 colonics. Colonics or high enemas flush the colon of fecal material and toxins. This can help reduce gas and bloating, food cravings and constipation while on the hCG diet protocol. There are at home colonics that have a very good reputation and it is very easy to use. this seems to a lot of colonics
I just wanted to say that my dad has lost over 50 pds on this diet and im about to start. The problems i come across is “cheating” and eating because i feel like im never going to loose weight anyways. Its hard for me to be motivated and i just need a few tips. Im 100 pds over weight and im miserable! Thanks for anything..
I cannot find any info anywhere indicating whether or not you can do a colon cleanse while in phase 2?
@ Chris: In the book, The Weight Loss Cure by KT, he says yes you do them while on P2. However I think it's a bit too much he suggests doing.
[...] Kevin Trudeau The Weight Loss Cure Additional Guidelines [...]
[...] Kevin Trudeau The Weight Loss Cure Additional Guidelines [...]

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