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Differences between hCG and hGH


What is the difference between HCG and HGH?

HCG is made in a lab by isolating the human chorionic gonadotropin molecule and creating a medication. This medication attaches to the dopamine centers of the brain and causes a disconnect between the brain and stomach. This allows you to drop your calories and lose weight without feeling deprived. hCG also helps to release abnormal fat cells. This is what happens when pregnant as hCG in extremely high doses naturally within a woman's body during pregnancy. hCG helps feed the fetus by releasing fat cells. 

hCG in prescription form is 100% pure hCG. In order to know what you are buying, you must request a Certificate of Analysis from a 3rd party lab showing the integrity and purity of the medication bought. More times than not, if you buy with pre-loaded syringes from a doctor, you have no idea if the hCG was left out (room temperature) or how much hCG is inside. hCG is a delicate hormone and it will lose it's strength and effectiveness if  left out of the refrigerator for 4 hours. 

hCG can also be used as estrogen and testosterone replacement (in different doses compared to what is used in weight loss). 

Many woman report better looking skin, fuller hair and sleeping well while on hCG. This happens especially in pre and post menopausal woman. For younger woman, they might already have the benefits of great looking skin or sleeping well, but both will notice a night/day difference with their appetite and energy level using hCG while consuming a low calorie diet. 

HGH is human growth hormone and is used for children who are not growing at an average rate. It's often abused by body builders to build muscle and mass. Muscle helps burn fat, so there are some people who use it (off label) for weight loss. This is extremely dangerous and there are studies that show HGH can cause cancer.



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