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hCG Diet for Diabetics

Where to Find an HCG Diet for Diabetics
written by: DavidBE

Quite recently a research has been performed on sixteen patients afflicted with Type 2 diabetes. After spending sixteen weeks on a 500 calorie HCG diet for diabetics, the following improvements were noticed: a 22% decrease in body mass index, a 21% decrease in fat accumulated around the heart, and a 20% improvement in diastolic system functions. However, the most impressive observation was that a majority of the subjects were not displaying any symptoms of diabetes, nor did they require their medication anymore.

If you are a diabetic and are looking for some type of HCG diet for diabetics, then I recommend that you check out Diet Doc. While the HCG diet industry is quite new, Diet Doc has already made quite a name for itself because of two reasons: the products actually work as advertised and the service is extremely customer-friendly.

When it comes to HCG diets, Diet Doc has four basic programs available, as well as a 30 day food program. The first, and perhaps the most popular HCG diet plan to date is the 23-Day HCG Diet Plan which follows Simeon's Protocol, also available in a larger, 40-day package. The package includes a Diet Doc Cookbook, a Diet Doc Client Workbook, as well as various HCG-related supplements and accessories. On top of that, you also get a doctor and nurse's examination so that the system can be better configured to your needs. It comes at the price of $299, with the 40-day version being priced at $499.

Diet Doc has also its own programs, notably the 30 or 60-day HCG Weigh Loss programs. These programs are medically customized to your needs after an examination, making you follow a specific diet between 800 and 1000 calories. The packages consist of a large variety of HCG products, allowing you to take in the form of shakes, oils, or even intravenously. The 30 day package comes at the price of $399 while the 60 day program is priced at $599.

You can rest assured that these diets are safe for diabetics as they are scientifically formulated to allow you to control and maintain optimal blood sugar and fat levels.  

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