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Avoid Metabolic Slowdown While Dieting with hCG Diet Solutions


Diet Doc hCG Weight Loss Program Avoids Metabolic Slowdown Associated with Most Diets

One of the hidden challenges of weight loss in females is the decrease in metabolism which can accompany it.  This is the reason weight maintenance is often so much harder than losing the weight.

The challenges with woman and dieting are not simple. Understanding the biochemistry involved takes the talent of a true weight loss doctor.

This process is sometimes called adaptive thermogenesis but can be better thought of as a metabolic slowdown in response to calorie restriction.  Several hormones mediate this response, including thyroid, and adrenal catecholamines.  Dieting at its simplest has been historically thought of as calories in versus calories out. This is only part of the solution as it often takes balancing various hormones to increase the metabolism.

Most weight loss programs rely on a certain degree of calorie restriction for weight loss and none have any systems in place to account for any degree of adaptive thermogenesis or metabolic slowdown.

Metabolic slowdown also occurs when not eating mini meals throughout the day, or in essence starving by not eating enough calories, including liquid diets.

Diet Doc weight loss programs; although calorie restrictive doesn’t trigger the same level of metabolic slowdown as other diets.  Due to the effect of the medication used while on the Diet Doc program, the hypothalamus, fat calories are made available in the blood stream making up the deficit allowing dieters to maintain the same levels on energy production.  Diet Doc weight loss programs take it a step further by finding the caloric sweet spot through careful ketone management. 

Diet Doc’s induction phase into the maintenance portion of our weight loss program transitions quickly into ketosis, which helps avoid adaptive thermogenesis and the metabolic slowdown associated with it. 


That is exactly right, Patricia. Learning to fuel our bodies is a way that works with the natural processes rather than against them for the best results possible is a science.

This is so true, weight loss entails more than just choosing the food that you eat and the amount of calories you take in. There is a science to that.
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