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A diet that shaves 25 pounds per month long term?

Many people ask about this new hCG diet and how it works. This is a diet capable of shaving off abnormal fat in areas you couldn't lose before. It's the most powerful, effective diet on the market. Why haven't more of you heard of hCG before? This is because there are huge pharmacutical companies who make trillions each year marketing drugs. Their companies can only tackle certain things at once from a financial stanpoint. The FDA has not approved a new weight loss medication medication in 10 years besides the recently approved Qnexa. Two years ago, the FDA had rejected the drug—a combination of the stimulant phentermine (Adipex-PAtti Plex P, and generic) and the anticonvulsant medication topiramate (Topamax and generic)—because of concerns about possible birth defects, heart attacks, and strokes.

hCG (only 100% pure, real hCG) attaches to the dopamine centers of the brain causing a disconnect between the stomach and brain. This is why dieters are able to reduce their calories low. Add to that when dieting and loses rapid weight, your liver burns the fat and releases "ketones". Ketones are then tested in the urine daily with ketone strips. The ketones act as a powerful, appetite suppressant. Add to that prescription weight loss diet pills that are natural, yet very powerful and effective and will completely wipe out your appetite and you have a receipe for success.
Common questions while on the hCG diet are as follows:
Remove all sugar, including fruit & tomatoes
Sugar in as little as a piece of fruit can slow weight loss down in some individuals and/or stop completely. We recommend removing for 1 full day.
If people are in ketosis and are not losing at the pace they should, this could indicate they are constipated. We recommend anything natural, or magnesium and/or Smooth-Move tea. 
People who are moderately or aggressively exercising often experience weight loss slow downs. This is because the body cannot repair muscle and burn fat rapidly. We recommend walking or mild exercise. It's important to note that those who are exercising need to add back calories burned. Example: if you exercise and can calculate you burned 200 calories, eat 200 calories more that day. If this isn't done, you risk going into "starvation mode" and your body will hold fat and not release it.
Under eating
Many people who exercise weight loss slow down or stop, are under eating. Counting calories is important on the hCG diet. Diet Doc recommends no less than 700 calories per day. Make sure to eat 40 grams of animal protein or for vegetarians, 40 grams of compatible protein. When using the Diet Doc hCG Weight Loss Shakes 4 x per day (1/2 scoop per serving, or no more than 2 full scoops per day), the shakes total 20 grams of protein. Therefore, a total of 60 grams should be consumed. If the shakes are left out of the daily intake, make up protein intake in other ways.
Not drinking enough water
Make sure to drink no less than 64 ounces per day. Lemon juice (that is 100% pure lemon juice w/out sugar or additives) can be used. The key is to make sure you remain in ketosis.
Eating to late
Make sure to eat 3 hours before bedtime. The body burns the most fat during the time you sleep. If you are digesting food when you go to bed, you cannot burn fat.
Not in ketosis
Those who are not showing mild to moderate ketosis using their ketone test strips, should remove all fruit and tomatoes and follow the steps above. For high ketosis, consume more low glycemic vegetables.

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