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Announcing Comprehensive Health Questionnaire that can Enhance the hCG Weight Loss Diet Plan

hCG Treatments / Diet Doc is offering a free comprehensive health questionnaire to their patients that determines their body’s strengths and weaknesses and provides unique results.

Diet Doc is offering a FREE comprehensive health questionnaire to their patients that determines their body’s strengths and weaknesses and provides unique results. The questionnaire was developed over the years by their team of doctors and nutritionists in conjunction with nutritional supplement specialists, Metagenics. The two companies joined forces this early this year after realizing their strong potential as a team. “Our collaboration with Metagenics is an exciting opportunity for us. We combined our knowledge of weight loss with their expertise of supplements and turned it into a comprehensive health questionnaire,” says Julie Wright, CEO and founder of Diet Doc. The questionnaire acts as a general guide for patients and uses symptoms as a baseline to determine organ function. After answering a series of detailed questions, the program gives results that include the possible cause of the each symptom and suggestions on what supplements are needed to improve the functioning of the organs.

The questionnaire reviews a number of bodily systems that directly affects weight and overall health that include but are not limited to: digestive health, liver and kidneys, health, blood sugar, immune system, brain function and metabolism. “We developed this program for our patients to help them achieve optimal health. If the body is functioning properly, weight loss should come easily and naturally,” says Wright. Although each patient is evaluated by a doctor before the start of the weight loss program, Diet Doc works to gives their patients a thorough experience in order to achieve considerable results. This new questionnaire is supposed to give their patients new insight into the state of their health and solutions to any problems they may have. They also match each of their patients with a weight loss coach who follows up every week with a phone call and makes themselves available for support everyday of the week. This support system seems to be an important contributing factor to the 96 percent success rate among those who try their program.

Any information can be found by simply doing the correct search on the internet. However, one must know the exact topic they are looking for in order to get the right answers. The purpose of Diet Doc’s comprehensive health questionnaire is to narrow down the options for their patients to ask the right questions to either their physician or even the internet according to Wright.

Diet Doc has been providing personalized natural weight loss solutions for over 10 years and continues to work to offer the best service to their clients. In response to their growing list of clientele, they now offer a number of products that include their new pharmaceutical-grade line of supplements and low-glycemic protein bars, shakes and meal plans. They continue to evaluate new health and weight loss trends and hope to offer more solutions in the near future.



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