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A Doctor Designed Low Glycemic Diet Voted #1 Among 29,000 Successful Diet Doc Patients

hCGTreatments Weight Loss Plan unveils a low glycemic diet voted as the best diet during a recent survey of over 29,000 patients who successfully lost fast weight on the Diet Doc hCG Diet.

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hCGTreatments, among 29,000 successful dieters, was voted as the #1 low glycemic diet in the USA according to a recent survey among current and past dieters

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

hCGTreatments Weight Loss Plan announces the hCGTreatments low glycemic diet as the #1 diet that results in fast weight loss as compared to any other diet the 29,000 survey takers had previously experienced.

hCGTreatments is a nationwide, doctor supervised and created, high tech hcg diet capable of fast weight loss. hCGTreatments offers dieters a customized diet plan for each person based on that individuals health history, age and gender. The diet plan offers prescription diet medication and weight loss products, including a low glycemic diet menu where food from the grocery store is bought, not pre-packed diet foods like other weight loss centers, reports Julie Wright, president of hCGTreatments.

hCGTreatments utilizes a low glycemic diet menu along with recommending low carbohydrates that cause the body to burn fat rapidly reports Wright. This is known as a ketogenic state in which the liver burns fat rapidly giving off ketones. These ketones spill into the blood and then urine. The ketones are tested daily and are a good tool for the dieter and the weight loss doctor to help understand the rate fat is burning reports Wright. Ketosis is when the body is forced to use stored fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. Limiting carbohydrates to those only found in fruit or vegetables and eating, whole, natural, preferably organic food along with drinking water will cause fast weight loss long term reports Wright.

Add to the low glycemic diet, prescription weight loss pills that are clinically proven to burn rapid weight and eliminate appetite and the dieter often for the first time in their life has an opportunity to burn up to 1 pound of abnormal fat per day without hunger or fatigue reports Wright. It's a unique experience and often life changing as the Diet Doctors work hard with the dieting patients to uncover the reasons prior diet plans have failed and to help the individual know which foods and medication combinations work as the best diet plan for that person reports Wright.


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