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How To Use hCG Drops



How to Use hCG Drops

These directions for using hCG drops that we have here only.  Our drops contain 200iu per daily dosage and contain 0 alcohol as any real hCG drops will not contain alcohol.

When your hCG bottle arrives, you must test your hCG.  After testing place them in a safe spot in your refrigerator to keep them cool.

Once you have tested your hCG and you have all your hCG diet food and hCG diet supplements ready, you are ready to start the hCG diet.

Keep your hCG drops in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them and start your diet.

How To Take hCG Drops

1.  Eat or drinking NOTHING for 30 minutes before taking your hCG.

2.  Eat or drinking NOTHING for 30 minutes after taking your hCG.

3.  This will allow MAXIM absorption of the hCG hormone into your system.

4.  You will be placing your hCG drops under your tongue.  There is a large vein that will allow the hCG to be absorbed into your system.

hCG Drops On Loading Days

1.  In the morning, afternoon and evening you will be taking 6 drops 3x a day.  This is to get the hCG in your system.

2.  Gently squeeze out one drop of hCG at a time under your tongue.

3.  Gently close your mouth.  DO NOT force tongue down, or hold tongue down.  Just let your tongue rest naturally.

4.  Hold for 5 minutes minimum for best absorption of the hCG drops.

hCG Drops On Phase 2

1.  Depending on which protocol you are following 26 day or 42 day you will do the following for the rest of your time on the hCG drops.

2.  In the morning, afternoon and evening you will be taking 4 drops 3x a day.

3.  Follow the steps 3 and 4 above as you did for your loading days.

4.  The last 3 days of your protocol phase you will stop the drops but eat 500 calories until you go into Phase 3 of the hCG diet.

hCG Drops Tips:

1.  You can either swallow your hCG or spit it out.  hCG is destroyed by stomach acids so it will not effect you.

2.  The longer you hold the drops under the tongue the more hCG is absorbed by the vein.

3.  Our hCG drops are pleasant tasting and contain no alcohol.

I'm confused...after I put the drops under my tongue I close my mouth but leave my tongue lifted where its not resting on the bottom of my mouth. Is this ok? Is my body still absorbing the hcg?
I just read how to properly take the drops, and I haven't been holding them under the tongue long enough. I think I have even swallowed. I am only on day 3, so do I need to start over, or can I now just start doing it correctly?

Just start holding under your tongue for 5 mins.

Free Food? Miracle Noodles and Sugar free jello are posted as to be "free foods". 1. What exactly does that mean? How often can I eat it, when, ect.? 2. Where can I get "Miracle Noodles"?

Did you click on the Mircle Noodle page?  Click on any link there that say Miracle Noodles to buy them.  Even free foods need moderation.

on the list it says that Stevia, Truvia and Equal are all ok sweeteners. However, it also says that Maltodextrin is NOT allowed. That is the ingredient in Equal. Which is accurate? There are water flavorings that does not contain that and are zero carbs, zero fat and zero calories.... are they ok to have?

You can use any sweetener you want, however Equal has health issues and can stall you.  Truvia is made with sugar alcohols that can slow you and Stevia is the best choice as it helps with weight loss.  Water.  Water is the BEST.

This sounds odd I know, but, what do you do with the over abundance of saliva? I take the drops, but my who mouth fills with saliva in that 5 minutes to where I dont even know if the drops are even still under my tongue or just everywhere else in my mouth! How do I deal with this?

Just relax it's a natural response but just relax your tongue and it's okay.

I am what I guess they would call "tongue tied". The sides of my tongue can be lifted, however, the very middle all the way to tip of my tongue is attached. Will HCG still get into my system?

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