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Oct 2, 2011

Tried HCG for the 1st time Feb 19th of this year. Did 3 weeks and lost 20lbs! I have managed to keep it all off thus far and today is Day 1 of Loading. I am doing it again and hope to lose another 15lbs at least...maybe even another 20! - Donna

Aug 27, 2011

Well I just got to 181.0 my goal is 180.0 since I still have several more days I'm going to surpass my goal . I started at 204.8 but went to 207.0 after my load days, that was only 28 days ago. On the 1oz bottle I still have several more days left. I have lost 4" in my stomach and 3" in my chest. I have never been hungry or not one craving for ice cream which I love. I realize there are bad and good reviews on HGC but for me it has been a life saver since my blood pressure is now perfect.. Thanks - Thomas

Jun 2, 2011

Goodmorning HCGDJ fam. Down 1 more lb. This has never happened with any other diet or exercise regime. - Dessarene


Jan 8, 2012


Last day of drops! 3 more VLCD days and then maintenance begins! I did the 26 day protocol. Lost 13 lbs and 13.5 inches - 5 of those inches came off my WAIST!! And the "abnormal fat" really is what you lose. I've always had one thigh one inch bigger than the other. Took measurements this morning and they are the same size now!! I probably would've lost more had I not cheated on Christmas, New Year's, and snuck coffee creamer every once in a while. The 4 day stalls were NOT fun, but now I'm done! Good luck to everyone on this protocol. IT WORKS!  -Amy from FaceBook

Amy Lynn Diet Testimonial
Apr 21, 2012


My starting weight was 140 my ending weight is 106. I am 4 ft 7 bust before 46 DD after 26 C waist before 36 after 26 hips before 34 after 29. I began my weight loss quest after visiting my physician at the time of my visit my doctor advised me to get healthy, or be medicated for high blood pressure, high cholesterol (very high  my LDL  tested at 433)I was told that I was a heart attack waiting to happen. Not to mention I was borderline diabetic. My BMI was at 36 and is now 25 and normal.

HCG is much more then a diet its a lifestyle. I have now gotten a clean bill of health all of my issues are with in normal range and I do not require any medication.  HCG saved my life and has been a great change for not only myself but my family we are all eating healthy feeling better and live a more active lifestyle. The staff at Diet Doc are  a wonderful and necessary support system

that are wiling to help you every step of the way to ensure your success. I couldn’t have done it with out them!! thanks team.
your all so great!!!!!! I'm 47 going on 25 thanks for giving me my life back. I looking forword to trying all of the new products this month.

Sincerely Kathleen L Womack Corpus Christi TX

Kathleen Womack

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