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Afraid of the hCG diet plan & want info on other quick weight loss diets? Click on these links for a PDF downloadable file for you to print out.

Stillman’s 14 Day Shape Up –Less restrictive than the Original Stillman diet and the hCG diet protocol. Can lose up to 25 pounds if followed. Can keep weight off if you follow up with a long-term eating plan.

Stillman Quick Weight Loss Method–Less restrictive than hCG diet protocol. Much of the same foods as the hCG diet protocol––just more to eat. Can lose up to 25 pounds if followed. Can keep weight off if you follow up with a long-term eating plan.

Cabbage Soup Diet –Promises 7 pounds in 7 days. Cabbage Soup Recipe included. Will gain weight right back.

Turbo Protein Diet– With the Turbo Protein Diet you can lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Not an easy diet to stick with. The basics are drinking protein shakes for 2 weeks 3 times a day in specific amounts, and then slowly break your shake fast with apples and crackers, then eating ‘normal’ for 2 weeks, and then repeating. The protein mix the author suggests is specific, Almased. You can try others but due to the makeup of Almased it is supposed to help with yo-yo dieting. 


SportPharma tastes good to me, but I had to make adjustments to get the right protein dosage suggestions.

I used this when I was up a few pounds and wanted to drop them fast, then went back to regular low carb eating plan. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

Thin So Fast — Thin So Fast is by Dr. Eades and you will lose weight fast. Up to 5 pounds a week. The book is hard to find but the synopsis is 4 protein shakes and a meal until you reach your goal. The book gives you instructions on making your own protein powder, but this book is very old, so you can buy protein powder mix today. Your meal is specific as there is a low carb diet that Dr. Eades suggests you follow during your meal. Check out Dr. Eades’ book pre- Protein Power.

Hollywood’s Healthiest Diets –This book, Hollywood’s Healthiest Diets, is a collection of quick weight loss diets used by Dr. Tony Perrone who is a dietitian to some celebrities and helps them lose weight quickly. The diet I found most interesting is for women with a body weight of 125 lbs or more. You eat 5 meals a day 3 hours apart. Your first 4 meals are protein shakes and your last meal is 1/2 grapefruit 10 raisins and 3 capsules of Total EFA (essential fatty acids). Reportedly, Janet Jackson followed this diet a few years ago. Don’t know for sure. I will say the book has 10 quick weight lost diets that are not as dire as the 10 raisins. Actually, they are healthy overall, based on a percentage of carbs, fats and proteins.

The Rice Diet Solution –The Rice Diet was the previous name. I know I read it back in 1992 and it looks like they have updated it a bit. Well, all I can say is, if you can stand to eat rice all day, then this diet is for you. I lasted three weeks, lost 25 lbs, and gave up after that. I will say those 25 pounds stayed off until I went to back to school full time, and while dealing with home, husband, school and child, aka STRESS, I gained the weight back a year later.

The diet was so highly regarded that for years Duke Medical Center was associated with The Rice diet, but no longer as of 2002. The Rice House, located in Durham, NC, is medically supervised despite cutting ties with Duke Medical Center. When you go to the Rice House in Durham they have a holistic approach to dieting: Mind, body, emotions, core issues and a house full of support. Most people who go do keep the weight off due to their holistic approach to dieting.

In brief, you eat rice and walk. There are phases, specific foods to eat during the phases, and even during the rice phase. I suggest reading The Rice Diet Solution and visiting the site to learn more.

The Master Cleanse

aka The Lemonade Diet

1 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Cup Grade B Maple Syrup or molasses
3-4 Drops of Cayenne Essential Oil
3 Quarts of filtered Water
Shake it up and drink 8-12 glasses a day

Beyonce, yes the singer, used this to lose 20 pounds for her role in as Etta James in Cadillac Records. This is all you drink from what I remember for a week or two. Most people do not last two days. You can get a kit if you want to try it.

The Cookie Diet by Dr. Siegal He uses a secret blend of amino acids, fiber and other ingredients to make his cookies. Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex, used these cookies to drop pounds fast. The basics of the diet are that you don’t need to eat anything but the cookies as they are filling and will curb your appetite.
Dr. Siegal has been on countless TV shows, featuring his dieters who have lost considerable weight. Dr. Siegal now offers shakes and teas in addition to the cookies he started giving to his patients back in 1975.

Medifast has been around for years and it’s another high protein shake diet. They do offer high protein soups and drinks now.  This is the diet Oprah famously did years ago, got into a Calvin’s, and proceeded to regain every ounce back plus a few pounds.


Your recipe for the master cleanse diet is ABSOLUTELY incorrect. If grade A or molasses is consumed, you will just feel hungry and sick with no results and then quit! it is Organic Grade B Maple Syrup and all the portions are incorrect. And you forgot to add water to that, so somewhere out there is a person drinking a lot of maple with lemon juice hoping to loose weight. It has to be organic freshly squeezed Lemon juice and not meyer lemons…. etc
@Camille Salvador, It was never meant to be the recipe but a general overview. Every book maybe different as mine says Grade A nothing about organic lemons and using Willard Water. If someone wants to learn to do it, buy the book, that is the point, give an overview and to learn more, buy the book as it’s more then just doing the cleanse. You also have after the cleanse, etc.

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