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DIY hCG Diet

You CANNOT buy bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride for injections from Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid or local pharmacies without a prescription, and anything less than an injectable solution wouldn’t be safe.  You can buy injectable bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride> online. But NOT at your local pharmacy without a prescription.

You CANNOT buy REAL hCG from Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, GNC or any health food store.   This is “Homeopathic hCG”.  “Homeopathic hCG” has been shown to contain 0 hCG hormone  with the majority of ingredients including overpriced vitamins, water, herbal stimulants, appetite suppressants, and even alcohol which kills hCG.

Using homeopathic hCG will cause lean muscle loss, bone loss, put your body in starvation mode and effect your metabolism long term. Using hCG protects your muscle from being used for fuel. That is the reason you use hCG is to prevent muscle & bone loss, starvation mode and metabolism melt down while eating 500 calories.

The FDA, which sets the rules by which Homeopathic medicine (Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States HPUS sets the procedure and standards for homeopathic remedies) must follow to operate and make remedies, will not allow you to have a prescription drug in a homeopathic formula without still having to have a prescription- NO MATTER how trace the amount of the drug being used.

**THE FDA AND FTC** have both deemed homeopathic hCG illegal and fraudulent and are pulling homeopathic hCG off the market.  You can still obtain real oral hCG or injections as both are legal.

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You Can Buy Authentic hCG Diet Drops, Injections or hCG Pills
Real hCG is Prescribed by our Doctors
Real hCG prevents hunger
Real hCG prevents muscle wasting & bone loss
Real hCG prevents starvation mode 


A Word about Homeopathic hCG

Homeopathic hCG Real?

If it has no hCG in it how can it call itself hCG? It should not. I asked one of the more popular hCG homeopathic sites that stated they had tests and data on homeopathic hCG. I asked them to share their data and post it. {READ full article}

Homeopathic hCG

So, regardless of how popular some sites may be, regardless of their marketing efforts to get to the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing, regardless of their press releases, testimonials and affiliates pushing it (the mark up is about 95%), Homeopathic hCG just ain’t so. {READ full article}

My Last Word

The homeopathic hCG article states that it is diluted for potency. Okay? Get a 8 oz glass of ice tea, sweeten it with sugar, now pour that into a 5 gallon water bottle and fill it with water. Is that ice tea still sweet? You just diluted it to make it potent? {READ full article}

HI again Dez, Right now to get off these homeo drops and get onto the real ones, can i ask when is the hcg mixed? Im looking at getting the non mixed stuff from an online pharmacuetical, in INdia (little skeptical) so was wondering is it better to buy non mixed. Also i have a visa card with a country that is not listed but is to be shipped to a US address how would i go about ordering from you?
@Sabrina, I bought my HCG from an online pharmaceutical in India (non-mixed) and I had a good experience. They got it to me quickly. My friend ordered it from them too and one time when she ordered it she had trouble with it getting stuck in customs, but the company quickly sent her a free replacement ~ her original order eventually came through, so she actually got an order free!
I have 1 bottle that 10,000 units how much water am I suppose to dilute for 125iu? I am used to the 2000 units where I diluted with 8cc of water. Please advise how much water for the 10,000 units . Thanks!
I have a question for someone about the HCG dosage I should be taking... I'm doing daily injections with insulin needles that my doctor gave me. He told me to give myself 17 units (on the insulin syringe) daily, which doesn't seem to be that much. I have read that the recommended amount is 125-175 IU. Are IU's the same as units? Or if they are different, what’s the amount of HCG units that I should be taking daily? My bottle of HCG says that there are 5000 Units in it. Should I up my dosage? I am on day 7 of the diet (counting the 2 gorge days) and I don't feel like I am losing as much as I should. I am following the diet very strictly, (less than 500 calories, no fat at all, lots of water). I am starving all the time, suffering from hunger pains and killer headaches. Any suggestions? Do I need to increase my dose?
@Jen, without knowing how much normal saline or bacteriostatic water you are using it would be impossible to answer. Yes IU = units. You would start with 125 iu then move up if you still feel hungry by day 5 or 6. Each person has a personal dosage. 5000 iu of hCG is the strength of hCG not the amount you will be injecting. If you are doing this yourself please read DIY hCG for dosage information.
@Dez, Thanks so much for the help. This is very confusing to me, but I think I have it figured out. My hCG was mixed with 5ml's of bateriostatic water (at my doctor's office). I was looking at the information listed on the DIY page. For the 5,000 IU's, it's listed as being mixed with 10 ml's. Since mine was mixed with 1/2 of that, I am guessing that my dosage would be 1/2 that listed to be the same strength. So my 17 units are equal in strength to about 174 IU's. Is this correct?
@jen, the best person to ask is your doctors office. However it would appear that you are correct. BUT ask your doctor to be sure.
I am 65 years old....weigh 200 pounds. Unable to do much exercising because of A-Fib. I am on Pradaxa, and Multaq for my condition. All my life I was skinny -- so skinny that folks would tell me to eat, eat, eat. I was also anemic. After my 2nd child (now 37 yrs old) was born I had a complete hyst. because of mensus complications and endomytrosis cysts. I began to start gaining weight and now I'm a beached whale! I have a pacemaker also. Is is safe for me to take HCG drops? Can they be found in health food stores locally? I do not like to order "on line" plus I do not want to run up my C. cards. Your help would be grateful. Oh ps, are certain foods a no no? Because I have to watch my intake of Vit. C for thickening my blood and Vit. K for thinning my blood. Thank you. Linda
@Linda, NO HEALTH OR MEDICAL OR MEDICATION QUESTIONS. See your doctor for a diet that is suitable for you.
Question...My husband and I are on day 17 of the HCG diet. Friend and her husband are doing it too but went through a local clinic. They have told them that they can not have mint. Have you heard this? Did I overlook something? Also, they allow them to mix their veggies. Please explain this because it confuses me. When Dr. Simeons said salad do you think he meant lettuce or does he actually mean you could have lettuce with cucumber, onion, tomatoe, radishes??? Thanks for the help.

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