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DIY hCG Diet Protocol

DIY hCG Diet

You CANNOT buy bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride for injections from Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid or local pharmacies without a prescription, and anything less than an injectable solution wouldn’t be safe.  You can buy injectable bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride> online. But NOT at your local pharmacy without a prescription.

You CANNOT buy REAL hCG from Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, GNC or any health food store.   This is “Homeopathic hCG”.  “Homeopathic hCG” has been shown to contain 0 hCG hormone  with the majority of ingredients including overpriced vitamins, water, herbal stimulants, appetite suppressants, and even alcohol which kills hCG.

Using homeopathic hCG will cause lean muscle loss, bone loss, put your body in starvation mode and effect your metabolism long term. Using hCG protects your muscle from being used for fuel. That is the reason you use hCG is to prevent muscle & bone loss, starvation mode and metabolism melt down while eating 500 calories.

The FDA, which sets the rules by which Homeopathic medicine (Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States HPUS sets the procedure and standards for homeopathic remedies) must follow to operate and make remedies, will not allow you to have a prescription drug in a homeopathic formula without still having to have a prescription- NO MATTER how trace the amount of the drug being used.

**THE FDA AND FTC** have both deemed homeopathic hCG illegal and fraudulent and are pulling homeopathic hCG off the market.  You can still obtain real oral hCG or injections as both are legal.

We offer Real hCG Drops, Real hCG Pills & Injections


You Can Buy Authentic hCG Diet Drops, Injections or hCG Pills
Real hCG is Prescribed by our Doctors
Real hCG prevents hunger
Real hCG prevents muscle wasting & bone loss
Real hCG prevents starvation mode 


A Word about Homeopathic hCG

Homeopathic hCG Real?

If it has no hCG in it how can it call itself hCG? It should not. I asked one of the more popular hCG homeopathic sites that stated they had tests and data on homeopathic hCG. I asked them to share their data and post it. {READ full article}

Homeopathic hCG

So, regardless of how popular some sites may be, regardless of their marketing efforts to get to the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing, regardless of their press releases, testimonials and affiliates pushing it (the mark up is about 95%), Homeopathic hCG just ain’t so. {READ full article}

My Last Word

The homeopathic hCG article states that it is diluted for potency. Okay? Get a 8 oz glass of ice tea, sweeten it with sugar, now pour that into a 5 gallon water bottle and fill it with water. Is that ice tea still sweet? You just diluted it to make it potent? {READ full article}

I am about to start the hcg infections next excited and 100% committed. I would like to know if I can drink a beer or two after I start? I think I just answered my own question. Beer is high in sugar, so no....... I better drink up on my gorge days. Lol
@Jennifer, I know you meant to say injections! LOL!! Yes beer is a no no. Stalls galore! You will be fine on your the site for help.
I have a quick question. The protocol says 500 calories. I follow the allowed foods exactly. Here is a sample of what I eat: Various black and green teas until lunch (no sweetener or cream) 3 oz. cooked grilled chicken = 87 cal 100 or so grams mixed green lettuce = 20 cal no melba ground mustard = 10 cal for 2 tsp. 1 medium apple = 72 cal as midway snack 3 oz. shrimp in curry powder = 110 cal 1 tomato w/ salt and pepper = 30ish cal no melba **sometimes I eat a 2nd fruit like 216g strawberries = 72 cal or orange = 69cal My question is.....All this added is 329 and with second fruit about 400. Is this ok? That most of the time I am below 400 in calories because I am just not hungry? Do I need to force myself to eat the toast? And should I up the amount of anything to meet the 500? I guess I just don't understand where Simeons did the math. Thanks!!!!
@Kelsey, Well it's 3.5 ounces of protein but even at that it doesn't add up. What you are supposed to do is fill the remaining calories out with veggies. Salads are best. I guess that's why he was a doctor, math wasn't his thing. HTT
@Dez, I can certainly add more veggies. I say 3oz because I am speaking already cooked. I weigh them out 3.5 oz when the meat is raw. So I will try your suggestion. One other question, I ordered Miracle Noodles and added them to a meal of mine. Are they really no calories??? Amazing. Because one package with my usual food and I am stuffed!!!! I just wanna make sure in adding them to my veggies and meat that I don't stall....any thoughts? Thanks! Kelsey
@Kelsey, yes they are really 0 calories. They are fiber and fiber has nothing, it's not digestible. Go slow your you will wind up in the bathroom a lot. Fiber can clean the colon.
Are the HCG drops the injections? Because I dont not want the injections. Also can you get the drops at walmart
@Blah, No you cannot get real hCG drops at WalMart or any store front. What they sell is homeopathic which has been shown to have 0 hCG thus you would be doing a 500 calorie diet and no hCG benefits of muscle protection and abnormal fat lose and resetting your hypothalamus. hCG drops are not for injections. hCG drops are to be taken under your tongue or sublingally only. We have real hCG drops for use for the hCG diet. To know you have real hCG you need to test it with a pregnancy test. Only the presence of hCG will turn it positive. Ours comes with a pregnancy test and you can buy your own. Just click here to learn more.
I read how you need to cut back to 500cal a day. that alone will cut back on weight gain. So my question is will it stop the caving for food. I eat over my recomended cal intake. I am just hungry all the time. If HCG will help with my food cravings I will try it. Do I have to limit my cal intake to 500 for it to work?
@tawn, You have to follow the protocol exactly as is and eat only the hCG Diet foods. The hCG releases the fat and will give you the energy you need. The fat release will add another 1500 to 2000 calories. Kevin Trudeau added some needed additions to help with cravings, like a Candida Cleanse, the hCG diet teas and such which DO help.

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