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If you have to eat out while on the hCG diet it's not a wide variety of choices you have.  Most people avoid going out to restaurants during the 1st few weeks of Phase 2 because they don't want to be tempted and or they find the restaurant choices not appealing for the hCG diet

And there is the issue of MSG which can cause you to stall on the diet.  MSG is a cause of craving foods, water retention, and can slow your metabolism.  Not Fun!


Here are some tips for eating out while on the hCG diet.

1.  Know what your hCG diet food choices are on Phase 2

2.  Ask your server how the food is prepared.  You are looking for oils, butters, or other types of fat.  You need to avoid them

3.  Also sugars, you want to avoid sugars so make sure you ask

4.  No cold cuts or cheeses

5.  No salad dressing

6.  Use Lemon Juice, salt, and pepper to season your foods

7.  In general, you need to avoid sauces, sautes, gravies, pasta, breaded foods, fried foods, nuts, and, of course, desserts


So what can you eat?

1.  Grilled foods

2.  Salads (ask for tomatoes on the side)

3.  Bring Stevia with you

4.  Any item on the hCG diet food list.

5.  Bring your own salad dressing in a small bottle

6.  Ask for things A la Cart that comply with the hCG diet food list

7.  Bring your own food if you can


Best Places to Eat

1.  McDonalds (Griled Chicken Salad, bring your own dressing)

2.  Wendy's (Grilled Chicken Salad with strawberries, bring your own dressing)

3.  Any chain resturant, Grilled Fish, Chicken or Beef and order A la Cart and a side salad

4.  Home!  Yes you can get a 7 days or 30 days of hCG diet food delivered to your home! Call 1-877-424-2912 to find out more!


Frankly it's much easier to eat out while on Phase 3 (still need to avoid sugars and starches) of the hCG diet or maintenance.  But if you MUST (and some people must) these are the best tips we have to keep you on the right track and not slip into a hCG diet stall.

And remember cheating while on Phase 2 of the hCG diet will pack on the pounds really quick, just like loading and generally sets you back by a day or two.


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