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hCG What is it?

What is hCG?

Many people who first hear about hCG and using hCG for the hCG diet want to know what this is all about and many wonder why they haven't heard about it before. You can do a comparison on the hCG diet against other diets you may have done in the past.

hCG itself is a hormone that is isolated in a lab, then the molecule is extracted and a medication human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is created. The medication was originally created for fertility use. In fertility, it's dosed at 10,000 IU's (international units) in one day! In fertility dosing, the hCG works as a male hormone, progesterone to help the ovaries ovulate/produce eggs.

hCG is also used for young adolescent boys whose testicles do not destend. This is because the adolescent boys lack enough male hormones to make this happen.

While doing a clinical study some 50 years ago, Dr. Simeons found by coincidence that the adolescent boys he was treating for testie failure, also were losing weight when eating right. Dr. Simeons adjusted the dose to what is called a "micro dose" and found that 125 IU's daily + eating a strict, low calorie diet would allow for rapid weight loss, especially abnormal fat. This was the birth of the hCG diet. 

Medicine and nutrition have come a long way in 50 years! Since that time, Dr. Simeons work has been updated by a group of Diet Doc Physicians to include a modern-day approach of the 50 year old hCG diet, with better results! 

Diet Doc Physicians take an extensive health history questionnaire to personalize a diet specific for each person. This is important as many people have underlying health conditions, that often, they are not even aware that has been the cause of the weight gain. If a person shows signs of a sluggish thyroid, this will be addressed at the beginning of the hCG diet.


Diet Doc also typically doses hCG at 150 IU's for those with less than 45 pounds to lose and 200 IU's for those with more than 45 pounds to lose. The Diet Doctors also found that by skipping the 7th day of hCG (but still doing the diet), will allow the body not to get use to the hCG, allowing patients to stay on it during the term of their weight loss.

hCG attaches to the dopamine center of the brain and tells your brain you are not hungry. There is no feeling of taking anything while on hCG. You might have a lot of energy, this happens when your body burns fat and releases good dopamine.

Phase 1

People are told to eat as many calories as they want during a two day "loading" phase. This is done while taking hCG! The point is to trick the fat cells into thinking they are full and happy with hCG. Then when you go on the low calorie part of the diet (again, while taking hCG), your body will be more adapt to drop the weight quickly as the fat cells open up with hCG and release 3,500 + fat calories into your blood daily. This is how you lose up to 1 pound per day.

Phase 2

Patients are asked to eat no less than 700 calories per day. No sugar or carbohydrates or dairy is allowed. Many people will not be hungry at all and will not feel like eating. It's important to eat no less than 700 calories so you don't lose muscle. Muscle is what burns fat. hCG helps to build 10% muscle, which also helps to burn fat. 

hCG is best when used in an injectable form. The needles are the size of a human hair. You cannot feel them at all, I promise. You give yourself an injection in the side of your abdomen where your tummy first rolls. The injection is done daily for 6 days, taking the 7th day off hCG (or per your doctors orders)

hCG also comes in an oral tablet form (both injections and tablets require a doctors prescription). The tablet is dissolved under the tongue and contains 500 IU's of hCG. The tablet hCG is absored by 30%, so 500 IU's of hCG ends up as 150 IU's.

There are bottles that say "hCG Drops" or homeopathic hCG. This is not 100% hCG. Homeopathic is the essence of something. It's not the medication. It would be like putting a rose leaf in a pool of water and calling it rose pedal water.  People say they were successful on the hCG drops, this is due to the low calories they are eating. Taking prescription hCG is a night and day difference.

There are some people who claim to buy hCG online without talking to a doctor. This is illegal and we have found the hCG sold is animal hCG and comes from China or India. Stay away from these hCG sellers as we hear of people having reactions to this unknown substance.

What to eat?

You eat between 3.5 to 4.0 ounces of protein twice per day (chicken, fish or lean beef).

You can eat unlimited low glycemic vegetables (no carrots, peas or corn).

Limit fruit and tomatoes and if your weight stops or slows down, remove the fruit and tomatoe for one or two days to see if your weight loss starts again. This is the most common weight loss slow down question on the hCG diet.

Constipation is always a problem on any low calorie diet. Use ground flaxseed, magnesium, Smooth Move Tea or anything herbal/natural to turn this around.

Drink lots of water! This can't be stressed enough as this is the only way fat can be removed from your body is by elimination :)

Phase 3

For 1 to 2 weeks, slowly add back carbohydrates, sugar and dairy while taking half the dose of hCG. Tappering off is what we found to be most effective.

Keep the weight off by being mindful of what you are eating after losing the weight. Eat a quantity of calories ideal for your heigth and gender. 



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