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The Weight Loss Cure hCG Diet

The following is a video series by Kevin Trudeau on The Weight Loss Cure he presented at Green Vally Spa in October 2008.

You can still read an overview of The Weight Loss Cure and his additions.

Kevin Trudeau gives a good lecture on the hCG diet and it’s effectiveness. With his own research into natural cures he has updated the hCG diet in his book The Weight Loss Cure. If you are considering the hCG diet as means of weight loss these videos are a must watch. If you are currently doing the hCG diet for weight loss then watching the videos will be a good refresher while doing the hCG diet.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 1 Q&A

Video 2 Q&A

Video 3 Q&A

Video 4 Q&A

Video 5 Q&A

I started the program, and Day 3 I was sick, my whole body hurt, every muscle hurt I think even my hair hurt. I was wondering if this was any kind of side affect or maybe I just had the flu.

When you say day 3 do you mean day 3 of 500 caloires or day 3 to include 2 loading days?

Your body goes through a detox when doing the hCG diet as you are not eating refined foods, processed foods, sugars, straches and such so your body will react to getting those things out of your system.

No. The recommended sweetner is Stevia. The video talks about artificial sweetners and the unhealthy affect on our bodies. If you are working with a doctor and/or dietician they will probably up your HCG amounts. You must be taking a multi vitamin with the diet. Also, my dietician recommends fish oil supplements and Vitamin B supplements as well. Also Digestzymes - 2 with meals. If you add supplements and maybe tweek your amounts of HCG I think you will feel better. Good luck!
no , i am not using splenda, i am using stevia, but still cannot lose the weight.
@Sandra, Sandra, what products are you using? Products with fat, oils in them will prevent a lose also.
I am on day 9 of the program. I am hungry almost all the time and I don't have the energy to do the things I normally do. I thought this was not supposed to be the case...what could be the problem?
@Jenny, What drops are you on? Are you taking a multivitamin and potassium and b-12?
[...] Kevin Trudeau’s first step of the hCG diet consists of cleansing for 30 days prior to starting the hCG diet loading days. Cleanses are recommended to remove impurities, toxins, fat and yeast overgrowth from your body. While you are doing the recommended cleanses, it is highly beneficial and highly recommended that you eat organic meats, fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, you negate the purpose and benefits of the cleanses. [...]
[...] you using Splenda or Equal? Splenda and Equal are great to sweeten up your hCG diet tea, and add to foods. Plus, you can cook with Splenda, but too much may stall you on the hCG diet. [...]

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