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The Diet Cure Review

The Diet Cure is about re-balancing your body’s chemistry, ending food cravings, weight issues and mood swings, all by using amino acids and supplements.

The title alone would lead you to believe this is a book about yet another diet but to the contrary, the author Julia Ross, M.A., teaches you about why you have cravings, weight issues, and mood swings. You learn how to re-balance your body’s chemistry to rid yourself of food allergies, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar swings, and thyroid dysfunction.

Julia Ross deals with these issues and more in her professional career and practice. Her treatments use what our body is missing, supplements, amino acids and foods, in the right mix based on your responses to questions in the book. She provides ten years of her experience and case studies to help you determine what your particular issues maybe.

For instance:

• What do you do if you have a craving? (The amino acid L-Glutamine under tongue)
• Probiotics like Threelac are but one step in overcoming a long time yeast overgrowth issue. What are some other supplements to take? (Ginger tea, Garlic, Biotin and a list of others and why. page 227)
• Years of constant dieting (lose, regain, lose, regain) make you deficient in what vitamin and mineral? (B-1 and Zinc)
• Fish oils are heart healthy, but they can also help with what type of mental disorder? (Depression)

Julia Ross explains the problems, causes and solutions to these and many other issues that dieting, addiction and off kilter body chemistry are likely to cause a person. She writes in a clear and easy to understand manner, giving resources for finding nutritionists and holistic and naturopathic doctors.


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