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Starting The hCG Diet

There is a lot of information on the hCG diet all over the Internet. Since 2007 when Kevin Trudeau revised Dr. Simeons’ manuscript, Pounds and Inches, the number of hCG diet sites went from maybe 20 to over 1.8 million to date and growing! And that leads to a lot of questions about the hCG protocol.

Step 1 Read

Before you start the diet it is best to 1st read Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches and determine if this is something you want to do. Then pick up a copy of The Weight Loss Cure by Kevin Trudeau. This will give you a good understanding of the hCG protocol updates, additions and some other health benefits that Kevin Trudeau added to the hCG diet. You can also read the hCG diet guide book, The Naked Truth About The hCG Diet. It not only comes in an MP3, it has very valuable bonus tools to make the hCG diet user friendly, easier to understand, and more tips for every aspect of the hCG diet.

Step 2 Determine

After you have read both Dr. Simeon and Kevin Trudeau, you can determine if you need to do any of the additions that Trudeau added to the hCG diet protocol.

The two most popular products people add to the hCG protocol are the Colon Cleanse and the Candida Cleanse. These cleanses address the two areas of health that most people identify with as symptomatic after reading about the symptoms. You can relieve many symptoms of Toxins and Candida quickly with these cleanses.

Step 3 Decide

How are you going to do the hCG diet? hCG diet injecitons or oral hCG or are you going to go to a hCG diet clinic? If you do hCG diet injections you will need to buy hCG ampoules (which can take about 2-3 weeks to arrive) and an hCG diet kit. If you decided to do oral hCG you will need to buy real oral hCG which will take a few days. You will want to use pharmaceutical hCG rather than homeopathic drops. Why? It is the difference between abnormal fat loss (only achieved with real hCG) vs. muscle and fat loss (homeopathic) and placing your body in starvation mode.


Step 4 Gather

Since it will take a few days for oral hCG to arrive, you should gather a few needed things and prepare for hCG Diet day.

You should get a digital food scale, hCG test strips, a body fat tool, a cooking grill, a bamboo steamer, a weight scale, and a any other hCG diet tools you may find handy, to help you on your road to success. If you have a lot of weight to lose, acquire at least two hCG diet recipe books, to avoid eating the same foods, causing boredom and leading to diet failure.

Additionally, the majority of the hCG recipes can turn into maintenance recipes by adding more protein and some good fats like olive oil, avocado oil or canola oil. Good healthy monounsaturated fats.

You will need to know, per the phase you are on, what to eat. This can be found on the hCG Phase 1 Food list, hCG Diet Food for phase 2 and hCG Phase 3 Food list.

Another item you may want to add is the hCG diet teas. You don’t have to drink all of them, but they do have health benefits and benefits for the hCG diet to help you with weight loss.

Step 5 Exercise

Exercise on the hCG protocol, while not necessary, it sure can’t hurt your weight loss or health! If you haven’t exercised in a while, start by just doing some daily walking. Walk 15 minutes then add 5 minutes every week until you are up to 30 minutes or walking 2–3 miles.

If you have exercised in the last few months, give T-Tapp a try. I sing its praises because I’ve seen the results on myself and other T-Tappers.

The only reason I don't recommend this for those who have not exercised in awhile is that adding too many new things can stress you. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the hCG diet and then a brand new exercise program.

Step 6 Commitment

This section should come first, but I guessed that you were building your commitment as you did steps 1–5. This step, Step 6, is by far the most serious of all the steps because you can’t buy it, borrow it, bargain with it or negotiate for it. Commitment must come from you. The hCG diet does work but you must commit to doing the hCG diet.

You must follow the rules, eat the hCG diet foods, and suffer through the first few days that may be unpleasant with hCG Diet headaches and hCG diet hunger and cravings.

Assess your reasons for wanting to do the hCG diet. Yes, you lose weight fast and that is always appealing, but why do you want to lose weight? Do you have some special event to go to? Are you going on the hCG diet for a person you love? Do you want to regain your health and well being? Those are all good reason, and I can’t tell you who will fail or who will succeed. All I know is without commitment to doing the diet, your reasons won’t go the distance.

So while you wait for the arrival of your hCG, determine your reasons for wanting to lose weight, write them down, review them three times a day, and keep them close to you. When you see a piece of cake or you are tempted to cheat, pull your list out and read it. Those are your reason for not cheating.

Step 7 hCG Diet Day

Now your hCG has arrived and you are ready. IF you made the decision to do a cleanse then you should have completed that prior to the arrival of the hCG. IF you decided to just do the hCG diet then you're ready to get started!

When is the best time to start? I personally think, Thursday is the best day to start. You have 2 loading days, then Saturday and Sunday to deal with any unpleasant headaches and get adjusted without work or temptations right off the bat. If you are a women and your menstrual cycle is starting, then wait until the first day your cycle is over.

The day before you start loading take your measurements (bicep, neck, chest/bust, waist, hips and thigh), and record your body fat and weight. Make sure you do this at the same time each time you record your stats. Your weight fluctuates during the day so the best time is in the morning after you have emptied you bladder.

Taking your measurements and recording your body fat is important because if you are not losing pounds off the scale, you could be losing inches, and this is a good way to determine if you are really in a stall. If pounds or inches haven’t moved for four days, then you are in a hCG diet stall.

Step 8 Review

While you are doing your load days, review this site at length (did you bookmark pages you found handy?), review Pounds and Inches and The Weight Loss Cure (did you highlight important parts for later reference?), and make a grocery list of items you need to pick up from the store or order online. And, above all, pick out recipes you want and create an hCG diet menu for yourself.

Pre-make salads and weigh and store 100 grams of meat for yourself ahead of time. The more automatic things are, the easier it is to stick to the hCG diet.

Step 9 The hCG Diet

Now that you are actually doing the diet, relax. If something comes up, you can find answers on this site, plus you have your manuscript and book. 26 days (or 42) will be over before you know it. Take each day one at a time; just focusing on the diet.

Remember the key to the hCG Diet is sticking to the diet, eating the hCG diet food, and avoiding sugar, carbs, and fat. Your mantra during this time is…IF It Is Not On the hCG Diet Food List, DO NOT Eat It. It is that simple. Save that food item you want for hCG Diet Phase 3 (Dr. Simeons).

Do not compare your loss to anyone else’s. I know this is difficult, but everyone loses differently. As frequently evidenced on the TV show, The Biggest Loser, men tend to lose faster than women. Heavier people tend to lose faster then those with less to lose, BUT that is not always the case. So don’t stress about it.

Step 10 The Finish Line

You have now either lost the weight you desired to lose, or you have another round or two to go. Either way…


Celebrate your loss, it is a milestone, an achievement.

If you have another round or two to go, then you will rinse and repeat some of these steps and maybe you have come up with a few of your own!

Moderation proves to be the best way to eat after the hCG diet, as in avoiding junk, carbs, fast foods and the like. Understand that maintaining your loss is going to be an inconvenient lifestyle.

You have a personal choice to make. Give in and go back to where you were, or dig deep and make the change for a better for you, your health, your life and your family.


How many packets of splenda can you use in a cup of coffie

There isn't any number.  It has 0 calories.  Also Stevia is MUCH better for the hCG diet.

want to try the 26 day. today is the 10-27 if i order today & don't start till next week when it arrives what should i do for thanksgiving
I'm tring to see which one should I do the shot or the drop witch is best?

Either one but they must be real hCG drops like we have here or injections.  Using homeopathic won't produce the fat lose like real hCG drops or injections do.


On September 22nd., I started the HCG diet. I usually get my period around the 25th of each month. Will the diet still work and will I still get my period?

Start the day after your cycle is over.  hCG can affect your cycle if you are using real hCG.  It can make cramps more intense or less, shorten your cycle or make it longer it really just all depends on how the hCG effects you as every female is different.


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