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Getting Ready for the hCG Diet Protocol. What are you doing to commemorate the beginning of your hCG diet protocol? Deciding to go on the hCG diet, or any diet for that matter, is an exciting event and should be treated as such. You have made a decision to better your health and your life, increase your life expectancy, or just lose those extra pounds that bother you.

After reading Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches, or buying Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure, and reading this site, you should take other steps to prep for your hCG diet journey.

Buying a good food scale that weighs in grams and ounces, gathering your hCG diet supplies, purchasing hCG, and buying the right hcg diet foods, should all be paramount in planning your hCG diet protocol D-Day.

Staying mentally psyched, focused and motivated is about 40% of reaching your hCG weight loss goals, being prepared is 30%, and knowing what to eat on your hCG diet plan is the other 30%. Deciding to lose weight on the hCG diet is indeed a journey!


Setting realistic, reachable hCG weight loss goals is part of staying motivated. Although you can lose up to 3 lbs a day, mentally know that you will probably lose 1/2 to 1 pound a day. Keeping expectations realistic goes a long way to staying motivated.

Knowing your hCG diet plan well and knowing what to eat prevents straying from the plan. When out and about and eating on the run, know where to go to grab a quick salad or grilled item that is hCG diet friendly.

Make your hCG diet protocol filled with variety. Let’s face it, the foods that are allowed on the hCG diet plan are restrictive, but they are basic foods to just about any meal. Making them appealing and appetizing is going to make staying on the hCG diet plan easier. Create a staple list of hCG diet recipes to give yourself the most variety you can. Start with the hCG diet menu sample with recipes to get you going.

Make food ahead of time. Have some items pre-made that you can just warm up and eat.

It is important to your self-esteem, and it helps with your motivation to continue on the hCG diet plan, to give yourself milestone treats! Mark each mini goal with a treat for YOU! Done for YOU, by YOU to be good to YOU!

Buy some sexy lingerie for yourself! So if you’re at goal, or you just lost 20 lbs! CELEBRATE!

Treat yourself to a spa day, facial, manicure, pedicure, hot stone massage or a new hairstyle and color!

Pamper Yourself

Go shopping and buy yourself something nice! To celebrate your milestone, buy shoes or jewelery or clothes! Just commemorate the progress.

Give away your ‘fat clothes’ to Goodwill and say goodbye to that life.

The point is to do something nice for yourself. Pampering yourself and celebrating yourself is good for you. This helps psyche yourself up to continue your hCG diet journey, and reach your goal. Celebrating your body changes, your improved health and well-being is something for you to be proud of. It takes a lot of determination to lose weight and stay on the hCG diet plan. So be kind, reward yourself!

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