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The hCG Diet is not just for women, but men too! Men lose weight even faster on the hCG diet!

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the prescription version of the hCG diet. They created a hCG diet specifically for men. Their hCG weight loss program combines a supervised ketogenic diet, popularized by bodybuilders, with hCG treatments. According to studies, hCG is not only safe for men but also beneficial in many ways. “Men lose weight at a lightning pace, decrease their cholesterol levels, lower their heart rates and display reductions in blood pressure while on our hCG weight loss plan,” states Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.

Although hCG is a hormone found only in pregnant women, it is found to kick-start testosterone production in men. In fact, the hormone is so effective that bodybuilders use hCG not for weight loss, but to restart their own testosterone production.

Diet Doc’s weight loss plan uses prescription grade hCG with B12 for added energy along with a supervised ketogenic diet, a diet plan that is comparable to the Atkins diet. Another key element in their program is the replacement of most fats (olive oil, butter, etc.) with a medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, an oil derived from the coconut, which is found to support the diet by promoting overall energy, fat oxidation and reducing fat intake.

Neil lost over 40 pounds in one month on a diet plan created for him by Diet Doc

Diet Doc identified the advantages that hCG has on specifically men and created a weight loss plan around it. They even found that most men on their program are able to lose up to one pound a day, which is almost double the estimated amount for women. Their increasing number of patients are primarily women, however, their specialized diet plans are quickly gaining popularity among men. Dr. Rao says, “Most weight loss programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers focus heavily on women’s weight loss through celebrity endorsements but we welcome everyone and want to make both men and women feel comfortable about coming to us to help them meet their weight-loss goals.”

Diet Doc is found to be the leader in hCG weight loss programs because they tailor each plan to every individual and provide support for their patients. Along with their diet plans, they are now offering a wide-range of products from delivered meal plans to shakes and supplements and are working to expand across the nation.

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