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hCG Diet Fiber aka Miracle Noodles


Fiber, aka Miracle Noodles

is often called bulk or roughage

Found in plant foods

Cannot be digested or absorbed by the body

Passes intake through your digestive system

*** NEW Spinach Angle Hair Miracle Noodles!!!***

*** NEW Garlic Herb Fettucini Miracle Noodles!!!!***

Two Types of Fiber, aka Miracle Noodles

Soluble: Dissolves into a gel-like substance in water. This types helps with lowering cholesterol and glucose levels

InSoluble: Doesn’t dissolve in water. This type moves material through your digestive system, and increases bulk in stool.

Benefits of Fiber, aka Miracle Noodles

• Lower Risk of Diabetes
• Lower Risk of Heart Disease
• Promotes Bowel Regularity
• Promotes Digestive Health
• Aids in Weight Loss

Enter Miracle Noodles for the hCG Diet!

A water soluble FIBER food

NO Fat

NO Sugar or Starch

NO Carbs

NO Protein

N0 Calories

Wheat and Gluten Free


How do Miracle Noodles work with the hCG diet?

The hCG diet calls for a very low calorie intake, 700 – 1000 calories to be exact. Miracle Noodles are made from a natural fiber called Glucomannan that will give you the benefits of eating a fiber food without adding calories to your hCG diet.

How will Miracle Noodles help me lose weight on the hCG diet?

Miracle Noodles slow digestion and will give you a feeling of fullness. When you are full, you will eat less and snack less. Miracle Noodles make staying on your hCG diet plan a lot easier. And for the hCG diet plan, Miracle Noodles are a free food, so you can have them as a snack and a meal!

Do Miracle Noodles come in varieties?

Yes, Miracle Noodles comes in Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Orzo Pasta, Linguine, Mini Pearls and several other varieties.

What about hCG diet recipes with Miracle Noodles?

Here are two miracle noodles recipes, but I’m sure you can do more with Miracle Noodles, as you are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to using Miracle Noodles on the hCG diet.

Thank goodness you can grill just about any food, toss with Miracle Noodles and create a great hCG Diet meal!

Add >Miracle Noodles to Organic broth and WOW! Or Use the Mini Pearls in your soups!

You can also use the Orzo in lieu of rice! And Miracle Noodles take on the flavor of your food!

What Amount of Miracle Noodles should I eat on the hCG diet?

You can replace 1 meal with Miracle Noodles or have Miracle Noodles as a quick snack.

What if I’m having a hCG diet stall?

The good news is you can also use Miracle Noodles as a stall breaker. Simply replace two meals with Miracle Noodles for a day or two, and your diet efforts should start moving the scale down again.

What new Flavors do Miracle Noodles have?

Well that's the great part news, you can get Garlic Herb Fettucini Miracle Noodles and Spinach Miracle Noodles to increase the variety along with the standards of Rice and Noodles!  All this variety makes Miracle Noodles a must have on the hCG diet!

@Dez, I have done the miracle noodles for two days.... after the 1st day I lost a pound... today I gained. Now, I don't know what I did wrong but even my daughter gained 1 lb and 1/2. My husband has plateau'd but we are all losing. Here is my deal... I am following the protocol to the tee... not cheating at all. When my drops are good cuz everyone else is okay... do you think it's the noodles? That just seems impossible since it has no caloric value... I have 137 more pounds to lose and I don't want to quit, but the noodles fill me up. But if I have to take them out of the diet I don't know if I can sustain... ... I do want to add that I have NO thyroid either. They got rid of it in 1991... so therefore weight loss is virtually impossible. But if it has worked at the begining... why am I going back and forth. I am like 6 days behind as far as the pound a day goes... ugh!!!! I am so discouraged... my husband has lost over 30 and this is day 21 for us... my daughter 17... I am at 15 what in the world ... do you think the noodles are messing me up? I also drink my water... tea .... moderate exercise... this is my ONLY hope right now and I need the motivation... I started out losing 5 lbs in the 1st day after gorging... then 3 lbs... then it went to a pound but now it's 287... 286.4... 286.2... 285.4... 286.4... HUH? I know this may seem DRAMATIC but my goal is dramatic... my health need is dramatic and my FIRE is dying out.... #discouraged
@Netta, How much are you eating? You may want to try 1/4 of a bag if you feel you need them. However you can make it without the noodles a lot of people have and do. Now let's look at your diet. Are you eating a lot of beef? Beef can stall you or slow weight loss. Are you eating a variety of allowed foods? The fastest lose is at the start and the range is 1/2 to 3 pounds daily. If you are at 1/2 a pound average you are in the range and doing fine. Going back and fourth is generally a temporary water issue vs. a dieting issue where fat is being gained back. You are retaining water weight. Cut the beef if you are eating it, water 2 liters at minium. You may want to try some diuretic hCG teas and hCG diet foods that have a diuretic effect. Also what products are you using on hair, skin, makeup, soaps, deodorant? Some people can get away with a bit of oil from say deodorant but all other products have to be changed. Some can't have a drop of any of it. Read the labels of what you are using in these areas as well. Also what kind of moderate exercise? Walking or T-Tapp or Yoga is about the only exercise you should be doing. Exercise like running, lifting anything that will really break a sweat will cause a stall due to water retention. Are you taking your body measurements? That is very important over scale weight. Why? have you seen the 140 pound women that wears a size 6? Go do hCG Diet Journey Facebook page and look the her picture. Prime reason why the scale is not the most reliable indicator and the tape measure is much better.
@Dez, I ate beef for the 1st time yesterday. So maybe I will aleviate that. I do a 2liters to a gallon of water daily. I do exercise with Sean Tee... Hip Hop Abs... but I do the low impact type. Could be fluid. I have lost in inches... so maybe that is good. But why the gain in pounds??? Yes I do eat a variety of foods. I don't like everything on the list but I make sure that each day I have something different and I never have what I had for lunch for dinner in the same day. Maybe the next day though. I am using baking soda for deodorant and toothe paste... dial as soap... shampoo Ivory.... making so many sacrifices. LOL Perhaps it's the water retention thing... don't know. I will just keep going and see what happens. This daily weighing is making me BONKERS..... So are the noodles not a free food?
@Netta, IF you are losing inches do not relay on the scale. The scale is the most inaccurate way to judge losing on this type of diet. Pounds and Inches is the title of the manuscript. And if you are doing Hip Hop Abs its more than likely water retention and muscle gaining. Muscle is dense. Did you see the 140 pound women wearing a size 6?? I really want you to look at that. It's important for you to get a mental image of someone who would otherwise be considered chubby who wears a size 6. Trust me she is skinny. That is what muscle does vs. fat. When you look at that and really internalize that it's not about the scale but about the inches and muscle gain then you can relax about every movement of the scale and if the overall trend is down, your doing great. You have a lot of lose and getting discouraged over every temporary gain will wreck havoc with your self esteem, confidence and determination. Yes noodles are free but even free needs to be moderated. Some have replaced a meal with noodles and still lose without issue. HTH
I got my hcg from a Naturopathic physician and she said Miracle Noodles are 100% free and encouraged.
@Sonia E. Russell, LPN, Thanks Sonia, we find it perfect for P2 as well as P3. Have a great day!
Question: Healthy digestion is needed to mazximize weight loss and is paramount when on any weight loss program. My thoughts are that a product that works to slow down digestion seems quite counter productive. Your thoughts to prove me wrong here are much appreciated. :)
@Sonia E. Russell, LPN, Fiber slows down the process in general as it takes longer to digest thus giving you a full feeling longer. Some foods you eat do this you just do not think about it. And Miracle Noodles (as with any high fiber food) aren't slowing your digestion down to a crawl or anything harmful or to put the body out of homeostasis. Rather it is akin to eating a huge meal, think Thanksgiving. You stuff yourself you are full for hours after. The digestion is slowed to process your meal. Not harmful as the human body will balance itself out or strives to. So hours go by you don't eat as you are full. Same principal just without the calories. HTH
@Dez... I read what you wrote but here is my deal. I just started HCG May 11, 2011. My HIGHEST weight was 300 and I am now at 286.4. I have been INCREDIBLY hungry though. I ran across this via a friend and I really want to try the noodles but my health coach is like follow the PROTOCOL to the tee... I want to make sure I won't gain seeing that I am new to this but I need something as a filler so I won't cheat. I am thinking of doing the noodles and just not telling my coach, but I don't want it to "bite me in the butt" later cuz I "cheated".... Help me out...

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