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hCG Diet Fiber aka Miracle Noodles


Fiber, aka Miracle Noodles

is often called bulk or roughage

Found in plant foods

Cannot be digested or absorbed by the body

Passes intake through your digestive system

*** NEW Spinach Angle Hair Miracle Noodles!!!***

*** NEW Garlic Herb Fettucini Miracle Noodles!!!!***

Two Types of Fiber, aka Miracle Noodles

Soluble: Dissolves into a gel-like substance in water. This types helps with lowering cholesterol and glucose levels

InSoluble: Doesn’t dissolve in water. This type moves material through your digestive system, and increases bulk in stool.

Benefits of Fiber, aka Miracle Noodles

• Lower Risk of Diabetes
• Lower Risk of Heart Disease
• Promotes Bowel Regularity
• Promotes Digestive Health
• Aids in Weight Loss

Enter Miracle Noodles for the hCG Diet!

A water soluble FIBER food

NO Fat

NO Sugar or Starch

NO Carbs

NO Protein

N0 Calories

Wheat and Gluten Free


How do Miracle Noodles work with the hCG diet?

The hCG diet calls for a very low calorie intake, 700 – 1000 calories to be exact. Miracle Noodles are made from a natural fiber called Glucomannan that will give you the benefits of eating a fiber food without adding calories to your hCG diet.

How will Miracle Noodles help me lose weight on the hCG diet?

Miracle Noodles slow digestion and will give you a feeling of fullness. When you are full, you will eat less and snack less. Miracle Noodles make staying on your hCG diet plan a lot easier. And for the hCG diet plan, Miracle Noodles are a free food, so you can have them as a snack and a meal!

Do Miracle Noodles come in varieties?

Yes, Miracle Noodles comes in Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Orzo Pasta, Linguine, Mini Pearls and several other varieties.

What about hCG diet recipes with Miracle Noodles?

Here are two miracle noodles recipes, but I’m sure you can do more with Miracle Noodles, as you are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to using Miracle Noodles on the hCG diet.

Thank goodness you can grill just about any food, toss with Miracle Noodles and create a great hCG Diet meal!

Add >Miracle Noodles to Organic broth and WOW! Or Use the Mini Pearls in your soups!

You can also use the Orzo in lieu of rice! And Miracle Noodles take on the flavor of your food!

What Amount of Miracle Noodles should I eat on the hCG diet?

You can replace 1 meal with Miracle Noodles or have Miracle Noodles as a quick snack.

What if I’m having a hCG diet stall?

The good news is you can also use Miracle Noodles as a stall breaker. Simply replace two meals with Miracle Noodles for a day or two, and your diet efforts should start moving the scale down again.

What new Flavors do Miracle Noodles have?

Well that's the great part news, you can get Garlic Herb Fettucini Miracle Noodles and Spinach Miracle Noodles to increase the variety along with the standards of Rice and Noodles!  All this variety makes Miracle Noodles a must have on the hCG diet!

The information on the Miracle Noodles is so good! I tried the rice Miracle Noodles and the spinach Miracle Noodles and they were great!! Thanks so much for turning me on to these wonderful Noodles.
I really love the Miracle Noodles. Do you have anymore recipes for them? How often can you eat them while on the hCG diet? Do the Miracle Noodles really help with weight loss and can I eat them after the hCG diet?

Yummy miracle noodles! Thanks for sharing De'z. Take Care! 


No, they are made from a root. No sugar either. They are really great while dieting as they come in different flavors and variety (fettuchhini, rice, noodles).


At the very top of the page it states that it has no sugar or starch, 0 caloires, no protein (this no eggs), no fat, etc. Have you clicked on the Miracle Noodles link to read more about them?


The reason organic is recommended is because it's much higher from a nutritional standpoint. One organic cup of broccolli verses one non-organic is 500x more nutriticious as non-organic lacks many of the nutrients and has been sprayed with pesticides. 

Organic chicken and beef is also hormone free and does not have fillers. Non-organic chicken contains 15% chicken broth so they can pump it with this solution, freeze it and charge you more. 

If you remove non-organic from your diet, your liver is free to process fat. This is how you are able to lose up to 1 lb. per day.

I bought the Hcg solution from GNC does this work? And what's the 2 day load? And do I have to undergo a detoxing or cleansing diet? And are there free food I can have on this diet?
@Maurice Pingol,

We haven't heard anything good about the GNC hCG drops. We do know that typically anything sold in stores like that has little to no hCG and is primarily vitamins and amino acid. 

The 2nd load day is necessary to be successful while doing the hCG diet. This helps your body not feel as though it's going on a "diet" when you drop your calories (VLCD) or very low calorie diet phase of the hCG diet. 

Typically, a detox or cleaning is recommended prior to the hCG diet, but it's not absolutely necessary. 

Free food - miracle noodles, low glycemic vegetables, such as brocolli.

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